My First Post!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Okay, so I know there are literally millions of blogs out there and obviously it can't be that hard if so many people have already done it!

Why have I been dragging my feet??  Uh, could be because I'd rather be making cute stuff than just writing about it.  Or because I put my foot in my mouth so often and I'm scared to have that out in cyberspace for millions (I should be so lucky) to read about.

But...what I really think it comes down to is just plain 'ole fear.  Fear of failure.  There.  I said it.  The fear that no one will care what I made or created out of a cardboard box (wink) or stayed up until 2 am to finish.

So. I am taking a risk.

A risk that no one will care.  But the thing is that I Care.  I have this crazy pull inside me to make things beautiful.  To make things better.

And I think it's wrong to keep that all to myself.  I want to share.
Even if just my mother-in-law reads about it :)

So here's to the beginning of this blogging adventure.  May it be all I dreamed of and more!

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  1. Hi there - I've just started a blog too. Best of luck to you! I love the way you've set yours out. I love the heading too!

  2. Hi Petra - thank you for your kind comments! I hope your blog brings your much joy :)

  3. I'm a new blogger too..and we could finish each others sentences based on that first Anyway, I'm officially following you (on bloglovin') and would love for you to follow me as well..strength in numbers! I figure if all the new bloggers followed each other we'd all have a nice following!

    Good Luck!
    Nicole @ Rolled Into One

    1. Hey Nicole, thanks for reaching out! I checked out your blog and laughed when I read your first post b/c it sounded just like mine, lol! Btw, I became a follower yesterday. It looks like we have a lot in common :)


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