Fall Wreath

Sometimes you get lucky. 

You're cruising the aisles of Goodwill and you find a wreath. It's big, cheap and you know that with a little tweaking it can be fabulous.

So you spend the $4.99 on the grapevine wreath and you bring it home.

You take off the swarms of silk butterflies - saving them because you never know when you might need to do something with swarms of silk butterflies!

You leave the faux grass and greenery right where it is because it's going to work perfectly with what you have in mind!

You tie on some pine cones that you scavenged in the mountains of North Carolina last Thanksgiving.

And finally, you tuck in some drying leaves that you picked up in your yard that morning...using a little hot glue so they'll stay put.

Then you hang it on your front door...

Fall Wreath with natural elements at www.diybeautify.com

And smile...

Simple fall wreath at www.diybeautify.com

Because with just a tiny bit of effort, you took something rather ordinary...

And made it into a statement piece!

Fall wreath for the front door at www.diybeautify.com

Yup, sometimes it seems as though the stars are aligned and things go exactly right with very little effort, like this wreath!

Other times...not so much.

C'mon back on Friday and find out what project had me weeping.

And if you're one of the unlucky ones, head to Hobby Lobby or Michaels for your grapevine wreath and faux grass!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. t is very nice! Come link it up at our linky party!

  2. great vision! i would have probably walked right by this wreath and left it at the store! love the natural and wispy look.

    1. To be honest, I almost passed it by too! So glad I didn't

  3. LOVE your wreath! I am a huge wreath lover and can't resist any I see. Just picked up a white flocked vintage wreath today at Goodwill for $5 with lots of retro, kitschy stuff on it. I am going to tweak it a little and then not sure I will be able to part with it!

    1. Thank you AnnMarie ~ I just love the look of a wreath on the front door..makes a home so welcoming!

  4. Yes, very nice. I'm very picky about my wreaths - yours is beautiful...and unique, perfect for fall. I bet you get lots of compliments!

    1. Thank you so much Val! I don't think anybody's noticed it yet, lol (my 3 guys don't see that kind of thing). Maybe next time I'll put a Steelers logo on one :)


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