Goals for my home this year

Happy New Year!

I'm not really a 'resolutions' kind of girl...

For years I always started off a new year with a big bang and a long list of resolutions. ...you know how that went!

This year, I've decided on some realistic Goals for my Home. Barring any unforeseen crises, I think these are do-able goals both physically and monetarily.

Before now, I've always shown you the beauty shots of my home...well, some of these pictures ain't so great! Prepare yourself...

Goal #1
I want to do a little switch-a-roo in some of my rooms. Our bonus room has never flowed right and the furniture placement has always been a mystery. I want to move the farmhouse TV console over to the nook that's currently housing our computer desk. The computer desk will move to the wall where I've organized my craft space into zones. It looks like a big, organized mess right now.

craft space in living room DIY beautify

Hopefully that will leave space along the back wall for the treadmill to be opened up (and maybe get a little more use!). So this obviously leads to the next goal...

Goal #2
A dedicated work space for me. It's been fine having all my crafting and painting stuff in the bonus room, but it's not ideal. My plan is to create a work space/office/craft room in our downstairs piano room just off the kitchen (which is really a super-tiny dining room). It's like musical furniture...because first I have to sell our antique Wegman upright piano and the two wingback slipcovered chairs that are in there now.

using a chandelier in a non-traditional way DIY beautify blog

I've held on and held on to those pieces because they are really beautiful. But the truth...that room never gets used. Never. Little DIY is no longer taking piano (she's singing instead), and would prefer a keyboard anyway. So the plan is to set myself up in that room. I'm SO excited! I'm going to have a chandelier in my office!

Goal #3
Our kitchen is weird and crazy and tiny and just doesn't function like a kitchen in a home for 5 people should. You're heard me rant about trying to organize a small kitchen before. Initially I was thinking we could blow out the wall (where the fridge is) that separates the kitchen and piano room and create a larger kitchen; however, I don't think that's in the cards.

What I think might be possible is to remove the peninsula that houses the sink (and only the sink) and move the sink beside the dishwasher and add an extra cabinet or two along that main wall. That would open up the kitchen and would mean that you could actually stand in front of the sink while loading the dishwasher (which is currently impossible...crazy, I know). I'm totally embarrassed to share this picture (because it's really ugly)...but here goes..

...gotta love that ugly fluorescent box. The cover was broken when we moved in and we don't want to replace it with another...so it sits as is because removing it means a big project on the ceiling.

Okay..you've seen it...can you feel my pain? 
Who thought a dishwasher and sink at 90 degree angles was a good idea?
And you can visualize how when I'm standing at the stove and someone needs to get into the fridge...it can't happen unless I move! But that's also where the only drawers in the kitchen are...yup, all 2-1/2 of them! Seriously Worst Kitchen Design EVER!

(anyone know how easy/expensive it is to move your plumbing about 2-3 feet to another wall??)

I've been holding off painting the kitchen cabinets until we did something....maybe this will finally be the year! Please.Please.Pleeeeeease!

Goal  #4
To create a cottage guest room upstairs. I have the furniture (just need to find a Queen boxspring/mattress set) and I have an idea in my head. I'd love to do a plank wall. This would be a cozy room for both guests and my son to stay in when he's home from University. And don't worry...I've already cleared it with him (he loves the idea of sleeping in a Queen-size bed more than he dislikes the idea of a cottage-feel room!)

Goal #5
To replace most of the mismatched chairs in our main living room with a sofa. I think I've done the best with what I have, but this room always feels awkward. I'd like to find a smallish neutral sofa to put where the black table is. One (or two) of the chairs currently in this room would move upstairs to the bonus room for much-needed extra seating up there. I think that would give this room more of a cohesive look and make it function better.

gray, white and aqua living room DIY beautify blog

So not only will I be scouring Craigslist for great deals....and trying to sell some of my own pieces, but there is some serious work cut out for us this year.

Of course replacing the ugly carpet throughout...and lino in the kitchen is on the To Do list...but that might have to wait until next year. We're working on a tiny budget here.

I will be sharing the progress we make in the months ahead. I'd love to hear any feedback about some of these projects...especially the kitchen...what would you do to make it more functional?

Do you have a long list of projects and/or goals that you are hoping to complete this year?

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. That is a big list Cindy, but I can't wait to see how 2015 proceeds.

  2. Why not use your living room as your everyday room and keep the bonus room as your workspace. I have always thought formal living rooms were a waste because they are hardly used. These days I like to make all my space usable in the best possible way. Just a thought. :)


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