Bathroom Inspiration - A Girl Can Dream!

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I'm a dreamer.

That's how most of my projects are born.

My current home is a work in progress, but we were recently able to bring a couple of dreams to fruition...we created farmhouse charm in our builder-grade laundry room (for under $200) and turned an unused bedroom into a relaxing, updated guest room.

I have lots of dreams for my home...changing out the carpet for wood floors, reinventing the kitchen for a better flow and increased function and having the money to redo our bathrooms.

Sometimes a dream can come to an abrupt halt...
like when a routine AC inspection reveals the need for a brand new HVAC system...and there go your savings.

Yep, I was feeling a little blue this week as Mr DIY and I had to fork over several thousand dollars for something that would go into our home...but would never be seen.

So the dreams are on hold for awhile...but that doesn't mean I'll stop dreaming.

In fact, here are some amazing (and pretty swanky) bathrooms that I've been drooling over this week.

Someday I'd love a bathroom with lots of space, where I can feel pampered as I soak in a tub full of bubbles.

A gorgeous chandy, and clawfoot tub are on that wish list!

Source: HGTV

A shower with amazing tile and a beautiful glass door that is functional and easy to clean.

Source: BHG

A room that's airy and full of light!

Source: Elements of Style

With the perfect mix of farmhouse, modern and functionality!

Source: HGTV

Of course a live-in housekeeper to keep it all clean would Really be a dream come true!

The reality is that redoing an entire bathroom is a major and costly endeavor, and unless I win the lottery, won't be happening anytime soon.

However, it's fun to dream and to compile a list of inspiration and functional ideas so that when you are ready to take on a project, you have a good place to start.

One of the items I'd love to include in my new (someday) bathroom is the new Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology. These unique doors have a flexible track that allows you to sit down on the edge of the tub, or rest your elbows while bathing kids or pets and makes cleaning a breeze. Available for both tubs and showers, this cool item is both an affordable and clever way to add function.

This is the kind of feature that I want to include in my new bathroom! It's the little things that make a big difference in the comfort and usability of a space...and these Sterling doors are a step closer to making my bathroom dreams come true.

Mmmkay, speaking of tubs...I think I'll go pour myself a nice bubble bath and settle in for a good long soak...and dream a little more!

What kind of bath time routines do you have? Are you currently bathing kids each night? Do you enjoy soaking in a tub full of bubbles by candlelight with a glass of wine?

What are some of the items on your wishlist for your own bathroom? I'd love to hear from you, just leave a comment below!

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