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Pretty Office Organizing and Dabbling in Watercolors

This is a bit of a random post...brought to you by hot coffee, my blog logo and Target!

watercolor drawing

January is all about cleaning and tidying...there's the tree and Christmas decorations to box up and return to the attic. This usually leads to other areas of the home. This past weekend I spent some time organizing my office. It's a work in progress and I have a few more projects to complete before I'm ready to share the full reveal with you, but it's coming along.

One of my favorite things to do is have 'girl time' with my 11-year old daughter, little DIY. We headed to Target on Saturday morning and spent a happy couple of hours trolling the aisles...a hot cup of coffee in my hand!
The Christmas rush is over and now I can shop in peace again (smile). Affiliate links are provided below. You can find my full disclosure policy here.

Although we weren't shopping for specific office supplies, you know how it is when you get to find all kinds of things you suddenly realize you desperately need want! I found several things that will help me be more organized in 2016. I really, really like the Nate Berkus line of office supplies because while they're functional, they're also trendy and attractive. Several months ago I purchased a small wood box for holding hanging file folders, along with some pretty mint hanging folders.

filing box and folders

This weekend the Dollar Spot yielded these pretty graphic file folders which are a perfect match.

pretty file folders

Now all I have to do is actually organize!

I'll be honest - that's the hard part for me. I'm all over setting the stage and creating ambiance...getting down to the nitty-gritty work of sorting paperwork and filing, etc. is not quite so fun for me.

getting organized

Target never fails to impress me with the quality and the prices. I can find cute things for so little, like a large desktop calendar to help keep me on track!

Are you a visual person? I am.

If it's not right in front of me, I tend to forget all about it. Definitely not good when there are deadlines! So having a large calendar right on my desk that I can glance at and jot notes down on is the best solution for me.

desktop calendar and custom binder

I also bought a simple white 1" binder and added a cute piece of scrapbook paper in the front flap. Inside I keep all my blog info that I like to keep my gazillion-and-one passwords!

The mason jar paper was a must because it matches my blog logo.

Speaking of my logo, did you notice my fabulous custom mug?

custom mug with logo

I made it at the bakery where I work. We have a mug press and do custom mugs for our accounts. I thought it would be really cool to have a mug for my new office with my blog logo printed on it.

custom mug

The mug is a great size, perfect for my morning cup of coffee...but just as perfect for holding my favorite markers...that's why I made two!

Let me know if you'd like a custom mug created and I'll see if I can work something out with my boss.

I also spent some time this weekend dabbling with watercolors. Little DIY recently got a new set of watercolor pencils and we bought a pad of watercolor paper while at Target.

It was my first attempt, and I definitely need to practice more, but it turned out quite nice.

watercolor drawing

Obviously this is my logo again. The lettering didn't turn out quite as 'perfect' as I wanted but I'm okay with that. I think it would be easier to use markers for words.

watercolor drawing

I plan to practice and just have fun with it. I've seen so many beautiful watercolor images on Pinterest and other blogs, and I'm excited to try to create my own.

watercolor drawing

I'll probably frame this little gem and hang it in my office.

Have you tried to watercolor with pencils? I'd love any tips you might have for me.

I hope you've been blessed to carve out a space in your home where you can 'tinker' and play. A space where you can be creative...or relax and read...or even just dream. I think as women these spaces are so important to have...and it helps when decorating it can be fun and affordable!

What's your #1 organizing tip? Share it below in the comments. I'll be posting my favorite tips on my Instagram page and I'd love to share your tip!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. My best watercolor pencil trick is: use Q-tips! If you dip them in water & use in place of a paintbrush for blending, they do a perfect job, and act as little sponges absorbing excess water along the way!

    1. I love this tip Kristin, and look forward to trying it...thank you!

  2. You are quite artistic, Cindy! Love that mug and your new office supplies!

    1. Well thank you Julie, but I believe it may have just been beginner's luck...the second painting I tried did not turn out at all and I had to throw it out. Hopefully I'll get better with practice!

  3. I just love the watercolor pencils that they have now! I just had the opportunity to preview some at CHA last weekend. Love your mug and your log too - So pretty!

  4. Sounds like a fun day, I love spending time simply browsing my favorite stores with a hot coffee in hand. Your water color turned out beautifully, I'd love to give water colors a try in the future.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Create • Share • Inspire. We hope to see you back this week!



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