How to Repurpose Old Furniture in New Ways

Today my friend Susie is here to share some fabulous ways she has repurposed old furniture in new ways. The makeovers below include pieces she's had for years as well as thrift store finds. Read on to see how Susie remade these pieces to function better in her home! These furniture projects are sure to inspire you!

repurpose an old TV cabinet  | The Chelsea Project

Hello lovely diy beautify readers. I'm Susie from The Chelsea Project and I'm thrilled to lend a helping hand to Cindy while she is getting settled into her new home.

Recently, I've been really focused on furniture makeovers so I thought I'd share a few ideas that might make you go....huuuuum.... the next time you're out thrifting.

Basically, it's all about making furniture you have (or find) meet your need by seeing the old pieces in new ways. Let me show you what I mean.

Vertical to Horizontal Media Cabinet:

I've had this vertical TV cabinet for many, many years.  But with the advent of the new flat screen TVs, this piece was outdated and all wrong for the space. Still, I needed a media cabinet and storage. So last fall, the vertical went from this...
  Media cabinet before | The Chelsea Project  

To this.  For the full tutorial, please click here.  And yes, I know.  It's a peek-a-boo picture....and I'm sorry, but it's my very favorite. I just HAD to share.

  Media cabinet from vertical to horizontal | The Chelsea Project

Media Cabinet Divided in Half:

Last year was also the year of the kitchen eating area refresh.  During this process a section of corner cabinetry was removed and another outdated media cabinet was divided in half, refinished, and installed as a kitchen cabinet.  Seriously. It really was. :-) This outdated media cabinet went from this...

TV cabinet turned kitchen cabinet before | The Chelsea Project 

To this.  For the full tutorial, please click here.  The top section is in my basement waiting to discover its new life.  I hope you will follow along to see what happens to this pretty, pretty top.

  TV cabinet repurpose | The Chelsea Project

Black Bar Stools to White Kitchen Chairs:

And just so you won't think that the only thing I do is go around picking on helpless media cabinets, here's a bar stool to kitchen chair conversion. guessed.  The legs were cut down and the pieces were refinished.  The bar stools went from this.....ooops.... I forgot that I didn't have a photo of the stools before the celebrated leg chopping event, but I did find the original stool in the manufacturer's catalog and made the tutorial in graphics.

  bar stools to kitchen chairs | The Chelsea Project 

 To this.  For the full tutorial, please click here.

Bar stools converted to kitchen chairs | The Chelsea Project

Normal Stuff:

Strange as it may sound, on occasion, I will refinish a piece just like normal people do. I simply apply paint.  This piece is one of my favorites. Say hello to a sweet little French chest that had been sequestered to the back of my closet for nearly 20 years. Now she's out, refreshed and ready for duty. For the full tutorial, please click here.

  Country French Chest Makeover | The Chelsea Project

Other Stuff:

I also paint walls, accessories......oh....and fabric.  Here is one last sample of where a heavy textile with outdated colors was painted to look like a woven fabric. You'll not believe how easy it was and that I only used two products. For the full tutorial, please click here.

  painted upholstery fabric  |  The Chelsea Project 

It has been a joy to bring you some of the ideas and projects happening over in my neck of the woods. I'd love to have you visit and even stay for a while. Today, I'm taking photos for a fall home tour that will post near the end of September.  There are about 30 bloggers working together to bring you fun, easy, and thrifty ideas for fall.  My piece of this sweet fall tour pie is to create a tablescape by my outdoor fireplace. Here's a peek from a post I did last winter. Hope you see you there. 

 Again, many thanks to Cindy and to all of you.  Spending time with you has been such a treat.

Ideas to repurpose old furniture in new ways
Thanks so much to Susie for these fabulous furniture makeovers! I've cut a table down before, but never thought of cutting bar stools down to chair height...what a great idea! I love Susie's eye for seeing new uses for old pieces, and I hope you've been inspired today as well! Make sure you visit her at The Chelsea Project for more ideas!

And in diy beautify news...we are patiently waiting for our new home to close so we can move in! In the meantime, I'm still enjoying daily walks on the beach and collecting beach glass, while dreaming about setting up house. In true DIY fashion, I've been dabbling in some easy fall projects, and will share those very soon...there's also a giveaway coming up and an update to my hair loss journey! If you're not already, I'd love to have you subscribe so you never miss a post (click on big blue link below).

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  1. Thanks so much for inviting me to share all the fun going on over at The Chelsea Project. It was lots of fun! Thanks again!! XOXO Susie from Chelsea Project

    1. Thank you Susie, for being willing to help me out and share your creativity with my readers :) Have a great day xx

    2. Thank you Susie, for being willing to help me out and share your creativity with my readers :) Have a great day xx

  2. What clever re-purposing! I found a desk for $5 at a garage sale that I turned into our coffee station by adding a shelf where the opening for a chair used to be - it works great :) We would love to have you at the Wednesday "To Grandma's House We Go" link party!


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