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5 Days of Giveaways (Day 4 - Farmhouse Sign)

Enter to Win this Farmhouse Sign

farmhouse sign giveaway

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My week full of giveaways is still running strong! You can still enter Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 by clicking the links. If you have a friend who loves decor, please share my blog with her (or him!). Following and sharing is the #1 way you can help and support me! Not only is it encouraging to see steady growth, but I am able to bring you MORE quality content and tutorials!

DIY beautify giveaway

Today I've teemed up with my friend Jessica at Par la Grace. Jessica makes beautiful quality signs for all seasons! I love her inspiring messages, and you can request personalization!

This sweet, handmade sign is going to one of YOU!

cottage dresser with farmhouse decor

I had fun styling it on my white cottage dresser! Yes, you do see a pumpkin...I ventured up into the hot and humid attic early this morning to bring all my Fall bins down. This particular pumpkin is one I purchased on clearance at Target last year...I couldn't resist the buffalo check! Let's get back to this darling sign though...

farmhouse decor

As someone who is negative by nature, I need to SEE encouragement! Having uplifting signs around my home reminds me daily to think of my blessings, and to choose joy and be thankful!

Signs also make great gifts! As you look forward to the (dare I say it...) Christmas season that is fast approaching, maybe a sign would be the perfect idea for someone on your list! And as a bonus to my readers, Jessica is offering you 10% off your order at Par la Grace this week! Please use discount code "DIYBEAUTIFY" when you checkout to activate the giveaway!

Enter the giveaway here:

Random fact about me:
I mentioned above that I am negative by nature. This is a part of my personality that I strongly dislike and I've often questioned why God made me this way! But it goes even deeper than that. I was diagnosed with depression almost 20 years ago. My boys were that needy stage that you feel will never end! We were living in Oregon at the time (which is overcast and gloomy for much of the year). I was desperate to get pregnant again but Mr DIY thought we were done. Then I wound up pregnant and the incredible JOY and excitement lasted for just a few weeks...because I miscarried that baby. I think the tendency toward depression was always deep inside me, but all of these stressors combined to throw me down a dark, black hole of depression. Depression is hard. It's hard on the whole family! I suffered shame and guilt because I was a pastor's wife. I thought that if I was a good enough Christian, I should be able to overcome this! I felt that I was failing as a wife and as a momma! I hid this part of myself from friends because of my shame. With love and prayer and treatment, my depression is under control. I won't go into all the details here. But if you are reading this and you can relate...please know that you have done nothing wrong! If you're living with depression, it is not your fault! It's a chemical imbalance that is treatable! Please reach out for help! It's so tempting to isolate from people and just go into survival mode, but as difficult as it is, you need to tell someone! Talking about it with a trusted person is so huge and will relieve so much of the burden. For me, it's been a combination of things over the years that has helped. Anti-depressants made me numb so I was weaned off them about 6 years ago. I use essentials oils on a daily basis. Getting my body healthy, exercising regularly, talking it out with Mr DIY when I feel like I'm starting to spiral, and definitely spending time reading Jesus' words to me and listening to worship music are all things that help. I have seen counselors over the years and worked through issues and will continue to do so as I need it! The bottom line is that depression doesn't have to define you! If you are suffering, please send me a private email at cindydiybeautify(at)gmail(dot)com. I would love to pray with you and encourage you!
Tomorrow's giveaway will wrap up this week's worth of goodies! Don't forget, you can use the discount code at each of the maker's shops this week! Here it is again if you forget..."DIYBEAUTIFY" is the discount code that you can use at 320 Sycamore Candles, Nest of Petals, Par la Grace.

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Such a wonderful framed saying.
    'treat others the way you would like to be treated' or 'If you have nothing nice to say; say nothing at all.'
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  2. Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. -Albus Dumblebore

    1. Ooh, I love that quote Jennie! Out of the mouths of fictional characters, right, LOL! ;)

  3. My favorite saying is "Do small things with great love".

    1. Such a great saying Amy! Thanks for joining in this week :)

  4. "Choose Joy" is my favorite.

    1. Definitely one of my all-time favorites Di! I have a huge sign with those words on it in my kitchen ;)

  5. There are gold ships, and there are silver ships, but the best ship is friendship!

  6. I love you heaps and, tomorrow and for keeps.

  7. Replies
    1. Yes, so much truth! That would make a great sign Sharon!

  8. “Just remember: If one bird carried every grain of sand, grain by grain, across the ocean, by the time he got them all on the other side, that would only be the beginning of eternity. ” ― Truman Capote (Audrey Stewart /

    1. Wow, that's a deep one! Definitely made me think! Thanks for joining in this week Audrey ;)

  9. 'You can't out give God' is one of my favs!

  10. Let all that you do be done in love

  11. My favorite verse is,
    "Teach us to number our days, so that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

  12. "You've got to take the good with the bad, smile with the sad, love what you've got, and remember what you had. Always forgive, but never forget. Learn from mistakes, but never regret"

  13. "if its meant to be
    itll be, itll be, itll be"


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