5 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

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I'm sharing 5 simple tips to live a healthier lifestyle, starting today!
5 tips to a better you.

Today's post is a little detour from DIY's and home decor! It's more of a lifestyle post. Most of you know that I'm 49 years old...and determined to age gracefully! Today I'm sharing 5 simple tips for a healthier lifestyle that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine and start seeing the benefits right away!

Here's my dirty little secret: the gym is not my jam! I hate to sweat, so why would I want to do that in public? 😕 But, here's the thing. As I've gotten older, my body has started to let me know in more ways than one that it's not happy, especially when I eat poorly and don't exercise! My back hurts and I've had numerous episodes with muscle spasms after painting a room or a piece of furniture! My mind is fuzzy. I've gained some weight around my middle and I'm tired all the time.

For a long time I resisted doing anything definitive because all the information out there can be totally overwhelming! Where does one even start? Or I would start a workout and push myself too hard, end up hurting myself and then not be able to do anything! Have you been there?

I am no health expert! This is not a guide to lose a ton of weight in just a few days. I don't subscribe to one particular eating plan. I'm just a regular momma who likes food, doesn't like to exercise but wants to be healthier! Any more of you out there???

Instead, I'm sharing some of my favorite tips for living healthier. My ideas are not new, but they're easy. They will work for everyone! There are no hard-core workouts, I promise! I've found some free resources that have really assisted me in this proactive effort to be healthier and I'll share them below.

When I stick to these simple steps, I do notice a big difference both in how I look and how I feel!

Top 5 Tips for Living Healthier

1. Snack Smart

Food plays a major role in our lives, so let's just start there! There's absolutely nothing wrong with snacking, as long as you do it in moderation and you pay attention to how much you're eating! You will never find me with an entire bag of chips in my lap! Why? The temptation to eat it all is just too great! I'll count out one serving into a bowl and then savor every single one!

I try to limit my snacks to once a day, usually after dinner but before 9 pm. Snacking smart means choosing something that tastes good but also has nutritional value!

Here are some healthy snack ideas:

  • apple or banana slices with peanut butter
  • frozen blueberries
  • raw nuts and seeds
  • air-popped popcorn
  • rice cakes with cream cheese or peanut butter
  • hummus and veggies

When we talk about snacks, we can't forget the drinks that we consume too! I enjoy a cup of coffee with cream at breakfast (a nice, big Rae-Dunn-sized-mug) and then I drink water throughout the day. Every now and then I have a soda. Even more rarely will I have something alcoholic, I just don't like the way it makes me feel. When I want something just a tad sweet, I reach for a bottle of Honest Tea. I found it at Kroger in the beverage aisle. I love that it's organic, and the flavor is really yummy because it's made with real ingredients!

healthy snack options

Did you know that September is National Organic Month at Kroger? That means that Honest Tea is on sale all month long, just $5 for 4 16.9 oz bottles. My favorite flavors are Peach and Pomegranate Blue. There's also Half Tea Half Lemonade and a couple other flavors that your store may carry. It's a great time to try something new and get it on sale! I love drinking a chilled bottle of Honest Tea post-workout! The Pomegranate Blue Herbal Tea has no caffeine, but some of the others do...just check the label on the bottle.

Honest Tea at Kroger1. 

2. Get moving

Maybe you're like me and you don't really love the gym and exercising. But if you're serious about being healthier, you do need to get moving, especially if your job keeps you at a desk! You don't need to walk a marathon, just incorporate some simple changes into your daily routine like:

  • park your car further away from the store and walk
  • a nightly walk around the block
  • walk with a friend (it's a great way to hold each other accountable!)
  • be mindful of how long you're sitting...my chiropractor said to stand up and walk every 20 minutes to loosen tight muscles in my back!
  • take advantage of free step trackers 
  • use free workout videos and apps

I am really enjoying the free videos on YouTube like Leslie Sansone Walk Strong. I've been trying to fit in one of these walking workouts into my routine 4-5 times per week and I've really been noticing a difference! I've lost a few pounds, my muscles are tightening up and I feel better! You don't need to kill yourself in the gym to get in shape! The videos are short, 15-30 minutes, and no special equipment is needed! Plus I can walk strong in the comfort of my living room!

Because my back tends to be quite tight, I also incorporate some Pilates for the stretching and core strengthening. I find Mari Winsor Pilates workouts easy to follow even if you're a beginner. Yoga would be fantastic too! I love pulling up free YouTube videos on my TV.

Top 5 tips for a healthier lifestyle | DIY beautify

3. Add light weights

If you're wanting to boost your metabolism and burn more calories, consider adding light weights to your workouts! Walking with a 1 or 2 pound weight in each hand makes a huge difference in how many calories your body burns! It's an easy way to tighten and tone without the risk of injury!

As we age, our arms start to go flabby. Want to tighten your arms? I love the YouTube XHIT videos with Rebecca Louise. Her arm workouts are easy to do and just 12 minutes long! Incorporate these videos into your routine a couple times a week and start seeing results!

4. Track your progress

This step has been huge for me! I keep a food diary so that I have a pretty good idea how many calories I've eaten that day. It keeps me accountable!

track calories

I keep track of my exercise too! Writing it down helps so much with goals! Write it down the old-fashioned way in a notebook, or try an App. I love My Fitness Pal because I can track it all in one place...food, calories, goals, exercise, water consumption!

track your exercise

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

You really cannot drink enough water! When you consider that our bodies are 70% water, that tells you right there how important it is. When we're dehydrated, it affects how our systems function (or not!) and it definitely affects how we feel! When my daughter has a headache, the first thing I tell her to do is drink a glass of water.

I know that some people just don't like the taste of water. Try making a big pitcher of spa water. I add sliced oranges and lemons, or cucumber and basil or try a mix of berries.

You should aim for 2 Liters of water per day, that's about 8 8-oz glasses. Are you getting enough water?

Bonus Tip

Please don't skip meals! For those of us in our 40's, skipping meals does nothing but harm to our bodies...we don't lose weight like we did in our 20's! I find if I skip a meal, I'm so hungry a few hours later that I tend to make bad choices and just grab anything to fill that hole! It's much better to eat smaller meals but be consistent!

I hope you found these tips helpful and I'd love to know if any of these tips resonate with you. Which one do you think you could incorporate today? Are you doing anything else that is helping you stay young?

I want to know!

As always please feel free to PIN this image for later reference, and share it with a friend who is trying to live a healthier lifestyle!

5 simple tips to a healthier lifestyle | DIY beautify

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  2. Thanks Colleen! Good luck with your hubby :)


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