How to Stencil a Table Top

How to Stencil a Table Top

Table top stencil makeover

I am beyond excited to share today's project with you!!! If you've been following along with DIY beautify for awhile, you may remember a post where I needed your help deciding what to do with the top of a plain white folding table.

I got many wonderful suggestions from you, including decoupaging it with pretty napkins, sheet music, even old photographs and lace, painting a chevron pattern or French graphic. I seriously considered several of those ideas...

but none of them felt quite right.

Then this week while on Pinterest I spotted a graphic stenciled wall in a bright green and it triggered something in my brain...and I knew I wanted to stencil the top of the table!

I think the reason none of the above ideas got me excited was because I was initially thinking in terms of black and white. The room where this table resides (our bonus room) is kind of bland...greige walls, neutral carpet, neutral sofas and lots of dark furniture. I've brought color into the room through accent pillows and spring green accents. One of the pillows is multi-colored and I used that as my inspiration piece.

The table needed color! That was the answer!

I decided to paint a jumbo stencil onto the table in spring green. I laid my stencil on the table and taped it in place. It hung over the edges, but that was ok. I poured a little bit of paint into a paper plate. On another paper plate I laid several layers of paper towel. I used a small heavy density roller and loaded it with spring green latex paint and then rolled it onto the paper towels about 8 times, rolling most of the paint off (very important when stenciling so you don't get seepage).

Then I slowly rolled over my stencil, back and forth until I had even coverage. I never had to refill my roller! Then I  peeled my stencil off. The whole process took about 10 minutes!

Here are some pictures of the above process:

Table Top Stencil Makeover

Once it was dry, I lightly sanded the top. Picture #5 above is how it looked at this point. I decided it needed some more color to add depth and interest (think 'inspiration piece') so I grabbed 3 acrylics that coordinated with the pillow.

Using small brushes and just tiny amounts of paint, I painted small lines and swirls and dots, doing one color at a time. It looks complicated but it really was very easy and just took me a few minutes. I had no plan really, although I was careful to repeat each element on both sides so it was uniform.

Table top stencil makeover

I gave it two coats of wax once it was dry.

I am in love with my table because it is totally unique! It's got kind of a bohemian vibe...the Moroccan stencil and the jewel-toned colors! Not normally my style but it totally works!

It adds a great pop of color to a room with a lot of neutrals. It's definitely not boring!

Table Top Stencil Makeover

Stencils are so easy to use, washable, reusable and I hang mine up on a pants hanger and store it in my closet between uses.

When I went to stage this picture (below) I forgot all about this little area rug I have...I was delighted to see that the colors coordinate perfectly!

Table top stencil makeover

There are a ton of stencil companies...I purchased this stencil off Ebay because I was able to customize the size I wanted. I've already stenciled curtains with this particular stencil and would love to do a wall with it too...maybe in my master bedroom.

Table Top Stencil Makeover

I love how the addition of the acrylics takes it to the next level and makes it really interesting, bright, colorful and unique. What do you think of my stencil painted table top makeover? Did I make the right decision?

Table top stencil makeover

Does your creative mind work like mine???  Nothing....nothing...nothing...and then suddenly POW!?! The perfect idea implants itself in your mind and you just know it is the right thing?

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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