Personalized Fragrance


 I like to be pampered!

Sometimes all it takes is a new lipstick...nail color...or even magazine and a hot cup of coffee with a new flavored creamer (I'm low maintenance!).

When it comes to fragrance however, I'm definitely not self-indulgent. In fact, I've been wearing the same Bath and Body Works Tropical Vanilla spray for far too long now....

$200 Lush Decor Giveaway

Win $200 to spend at Lush Decor!

 I am so excited to bring this giveaway to you!

One of my readers will win a gift card for $200 to spend on the items of your choice at Lush Decor.

Valentines Printables for Your Home

Printable Valentine Decor

Get this free Valentines printable, pop it into a frame and hang it on the wall. Simple, easy, beautiful Valentine decor at

Valentine's Day will be here soon and I wanted to share with you a simple way to add a little Valentines flair to your decor.

Chalkboard Map

chalkboard map

Today's blog post was supposed to be about organizing. You know, tips and tricks...from an expert organizer...except...

Simple Organizing Tips for a Busy Kitchen

If you're like me, the kitchen is the hub of your home.

And if you're not on top of things daily, the paperwork can quickly pile up and threaten to smother you!

Today....because it's January and I'm feeling the urge (along with many of you) to simplify my home, I'm sharing a couple of quick and easy tips that have helped me...and they're things that can benefit anyone because:

- they're simple
-  help control clutter
- can be completed in an afternoon
- look attractive

Form and function in one!

Goals for my home this year

Happy New Year!

I'm not really a 'resolutions' kind of girl...

For years I always started off a new year with a big bang and a long list of resolutions. know how that went!

This year, I've decided on some realistic Goals for my Home. Barring any unforeseen crises, I think these are do-able goals both physically and monetarily.

Reader Favorite Posts of the Year

Top-Viewed Posts

reader favorite posts at

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends! I took a long break from blogging and social media in general, and went a whole 5 days without it! It felt great. And I survived!

Now that the New Year is upon us, I find I have all kinds of new ideas swirling around in my head and I'm motivated to DO stuff...move furniture around, organize and de-clutter, and start some new, big projects. Do any of you feel that urge?

It must be a female thing because I know Mr DIY sure doesn't feel it. Unfortunately, ha, he's my muscle and I will need his full cooperation to bring my 'crazy-scheme' ideas to fruition.

And of course, being the ever-impatient gal that I am...I want it done, like, yesterday!

So I'm trying to slow down, calm down and enjoy the process!

Today we're going to take a little look back at my top 10 posts of the year...these aren't necessarily my favorite posts, but they were the top clicked and pinned posts from this year.

So grab a drink and some leftover Christmas goodies (or a plate of veggies if you're trying to be good), settle in and let's take a closer look at what I was up to this year...