Friday, September 19, 2014

Getting Organized

Organizing my Craft Space

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Lately I have been feeling completely overwhelmed by all my 'stuff' and desiring a calmer, clutter-free space.

I have begun the de-cluttering process around my home. One of the first places I focused on was the space where I create.

Because we don't have an extra room where I can have a dedicated craft space, I am using a wall in our bonus room.  This is the room where we watch tv, hang out, use the computer, exercise....and where I craft. It's definitely a  multi-purpose room and so I need to try to keep my area clean and clutter-free.

This is the bigger picture of my craft space...

And a close up of my desk area...

You can see how any clutter and mess can make this room look and feel chaotic!

I found that having specific zones helps me be better organized and more efficient because I know where to find things, and where to put them away.

Here is a breakdown of my zones. Starting on the far right of the space is the Computer Zone. I removed all the clutter from the wall and brought in my giant yard sale frame-turned-chalkboard from downstairs. I love how it fills the nook and creates a focal point. My burlap covered lamp sheds light on the computer area.

Next is my Cricut and Ribbon Zone. This is where I store all my cartridges, cutting mats, vinyl etc for my Cricut Diecut Machine, as well as the machine itself. I'm also storing some of my ribbons, trims and embellishments in baskets. I hung chalkboard tags on the baskets with the name of the contents to make it easy to quickly find what I need.

What's new here is I added the antique window frame (that was hanging above the computer) and just leaned it against the wall. It adds oomph to the smallish bookcase and makes it look more substantial in the space. I found the bookcase in my neighbors trash last year, and it was the perfect size to fit this narrow space. I painted it to match the wall so it would blend in. Love freebies like that!

Next up, on the other side of the open stairway, is my Sewing Zone. I didn't change much here, although I removed clutter from the shelf that holds my threads and added some painted tins that nicely conceal sewing supplies.

Beside this is my Desk Zone. Previously, the shelf above the desk extended all the way to the wall on the left. I had Mr DIY cut the shelf down so now it's the length of the desk. I like the way it looks better now and rather than just stuffing it with supplies, I took time to "stage" it so it looks more attractive while still being functional. I added my handmade Love never fails sign and even had room at the end for my little vintage fan. The small chandelier was a thrift store find several years ago and I love how it adds a feminine touch to my desk area. It's also a powerful illuminator!

Moving along to my Paint Zone, this is where the biggest change took place. This area used to be a mess. All my paints were piled haphazardly in baskets and were sitting on an old nightstand. It was clutter-central! You can see what it used to look like here.

By cutting the shelf above my desk down, I had room to add a narrow tall bookcase. The shelves are fantastic for organizing all my paints and painting supplies like brushes, rags, waxes, etc.


I've got my paints organized by color so it's easy to find what I want. The baskets are now on top of the bookcase and hold extra craft supplies that used to crowd up the shelf above my desk. They are now invisible inside the big baskets.

This solution also freed up the wall for a cute little DIY hanging. It's just an embroidery hoop with burlap. I can easily pin inspiration pictures or quotes to the burlap. I'm liking how clean it looks right now though, with just the key and my pearl initial, and may just leave it this way!

I know I'll be able to be a more efficient crafter now that I can easily find everything and put things away where they belong.

If you're struggling with overwhelming clutter in your craft area, I encourage you to get rid of what you don't use, and think in terms of 'zones' as you reorganize. It will make your space much more user-friendly! Utilize baskets, jars and other storage that is pleasing to the eye (and corrals the clutter).

And...because I think you're awesome, here is a link to get free shipping when you shop at Use your machine to create labels for your bins and baskets and organize your space!

And I sourced some chalkboard tags for you if you're serious about reigning in your clutter with labels but don't own a Cricut.

Happy de-cluttering!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Chicken Burritos (in the Crock Pot)

Simple Dinner Recipe - Shredded Chicken Burritos

How to make chicken burritos in the crock pot

As a busy wife, mom, blogger,  DIYer who works part time, it's a good day when I serve my family a nutritious, delicious meal (we eat way too much of stuff like this).

Enter this easy, amazingly delicious Shredded Chicken Burrito recipe...that's made in the crock pot! While you work. Or Clean. Or Blog. Or DIY!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Abstract Painting

To a DIYer, an estate sale is even better than shopping at say, the Mall of America.

So much promise, so much possibility.

So imagine my chagrin when I sent Mr DIY out for bread and milk one Saturday...

And he comes home a couple hours later and tells me that he went to not one..but two estate sales...

...without me!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Decorating Projects

Do you love Fall as much as I do?

Cozy sweaters, apple cider, changing leaves and crisp air are what I'm dreaming about lately!

The weather has NOT been cooperating  and we've had a massive heat wave that makes Fall seem like it will never arrive!!

I'm still dreaming about it ...and starting to decorate my home in spite of it.

Here are 5 of my Favorite Fall DIY posts from last year...

Friday, September 5, 2014

Barn Wood Sign

 DIY Barn Wood Sign

If you live in middle Tennessee, you will find an old, dilapidated's just down the road and around the bend, up one hill and down the other, through the canopy of trees and along the creek, past the cows.

The barn is barely hanging on. Pieces of old barn wood have fallen off the structure and lay where they've fallen.

I considered it my duty as a responsible citizen to remove a couple of pieces that had fallen off and were {almost} lying in the road....wink.

I didn't want anyone's tires to pop...out there in the middle of nowhere...with only the cows to see.

I brought my barn wood pieces home and decided to make a sign.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30 Minutes or Less DIY Pumpkin

5 Steps to a Thrifty Burlap Pumpkin (in 30 minutes or less!)

DIY pumpkin

 A trip to the pumpkin patch has been a family tradition ever since our kids were tiny. 

My boys would always pick out the biggest pumpkin they could daughter would choose the tiniest, cutest little one!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Personalize a Dollar Store Shopping Bag

How to Customize a Dollar Store Bag

Remember going to summer camp and your mom had to put your name or your initials on all your stuff....even your underwear?!

Kinda weird, but it insured no one else was walking around with your underwear on!!

Monograms say, 'this is mine, it belongs to me!'

Add your monogram to a shopping bag

When I found this adorable polka dot shopping bag at the Dollar Store...I  decided to personalize it with my Cricut diecut machine and some pretty vinyl.

Customize a dollar store bag

Adding a monogram to a dollar store bag

Easy peasy...

And with my Monogram on it, no one else better touch!!

What is the best thing you've ever monogrammed?

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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