Birthday Party Ideas for a Tween Girl

This weekend was a whirlwind!

We hosted nine 10-11 year old girls at a birthday party for our daughter.

One night.

At our home (yes, we are crazy!)

There was madness, mayhem, blood (a small flesh wound) and even a phone call from an upset neighbor complaining about the noise (except it turns out it was a friend tricking me out!).

I thought you might enjoy a little behind-the-scenes look at our day...from set up until break down (not breakdown...although it was close!)

So I wrote a little poem to celebrate the occasion, with lots of poetic license (thank you to Clement Clarke Moore for the original).

Hope you enjoy!

How to Disguise an Ugly Electrical Box

Faced with an unsightly electrical box in my laundry room, I came up with a clever solution to completely disguise it! Get all the details at DIY beautify!

Have you ever been faced with a decorating dilemma that has you totally stumped?

When we were working on our $200 Laundry Room Makeover, I had no idea what to do with this nasty electrical box.

Decorate a Notebook for a Teen Girl (great gift idea!)

Decorated notebook for teenage girl | DIY beautify @dayspring #liveoriginal #DayspringSadieRob #pmedia #ad

Hey good looking, yep, I'm talking to You! Do you realize how unique you are? You are truly one of a kind! Out of the 5-6 billion people on our planet, no one else is exactly like you.

That makes you an original! And you need to be reminded of that fact...often!

I don't care if you're 14, 40 or humans (and especially as women) we all need to be reminded that in a world full of talented, beautiful people...we are valued!

I found this cute notebook at Hobby Lobby, it's part of the new Live Original line by Sadie Robertson and DaySpring, and used a few craft supplies to decorate it and divide it into sections with homemade tab dividers as a fun gift for my teenage niece.

How to Make Burlap and Lace Wrapped Candle Holders

Burlap and lace wrapped vessels. Get this fabulous (and easy) tutorial at DIY beautify!

Combining textures, not only in home decor but also in my style, is something I love to do. Before I get to today's tutorial, I'm also sharing a brand new project over at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body today! If you like the rustic appeal of leather with the femininity of lace (HINT: it's something you wear) make sure you head over there for a fabulous tutorial (and then come right back here for the rest of this post!)

When I was a little girl spending a day with my grandma (Nana), a visit was never complete until I'd gone through her button box. It was just a simple cardboard box with a lid, but it was filled with buttons of all shapes, sizes and colors! I loved sifting the buttons through my fingers and looking for that special one that I hadn't noticed yet. I grew to love buttons.

I'm not sure what happened to Nana's button box after she passed away (it was probably the one thing of hers that I wish I had today), but I'll never forget those long summer days of sorting and playing with buttons.

I have a pretty good button collection of my own, sorted into sweet glass jars. I'll have to share it with you some day.

Buttons... as well as jars, burlap and lace are a few of my favorite things and I've combined them into the project I want to share with you today!

Chalk paint 201 - User Experience and Brand Reviews

This informative inside look at specific chalk paint brands and user reviews will help you make an informed decision before you buy! Read it at DIY beautify

This is one of those posts that you're going to want to spend time reading...and then going back and reading again! So be sure to Pin It for easy reference in the future!

Few things have revolutionized the DIY world like chalk paint! I painted my first piece of furniture with black chalk paint about 10 years ago (the black hutch below). I am still smitten with this easy-to-use product and rely on it for all my furniture painting projects.

8 Fabulous Summer DIY Projects

Be inspired and motivated by these fabulous summer DIY projects by DIY beautify!

Summer is going to be gone before we know it...yikes! I hope you've been able to hit the beach (or the pool), relax, shop some awesome yard sales, and try some thrilling new things.

Maybe your idea of a good time isn't cliff jumping or zip-lining and you're more likely to get a thrill from completing a project or organizing your craft space!

If that's you, check out this line-up of awesome DIY projects that you can still make this summer!

How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

Follow this tutorial by DIY beautify to create an awesome Duct Tape Wallet with room for bills and credit cards!

I've shared a DIY duct tape wallet on my blog before, but not a tutorial. If you find super-detailed tutorials helpful, read on for all the steps necessary to create a cute and functional duct tape wallet, with storage for bills and cards.

Sweet and Tangy Watermelon Cupcakes

It's not summer without watermelon, and these fabulous Watermelon Cupcakes make a tangy sweet treat any time! Find the recipe at DIY beautify

Here's a simple, fun and delicious recipe that you're going to want to add to your recipe lineup this summer.

We've made them twice now and they're on the menu for a birthday in a couple other words, they've been a big hit!

Beach Printable Using Favorite Image App

Easy beach art created with the Photo Painter App. See more at DIY beautify.

Good morning friend! I just discovered the coolest app for my Android and can't wait to share it with you! So grab a cold drink and your phone and get ready to play around with your favorite images!

I'm maybe the slowest person to jump on any new media train...I'm also rather OCD about adding apps to my phone. I'm afraid if I have too many, they'll just clog up my phone with their constant updates and slow me down. I already have trouble finding the one I I try to keep it manageable!

I made an exception for this amazing app...I'm sure it's been around for ages and maybe you're already using it like a pro...

...but just in case you aren't, imagine this...

...your favorite image

...transformed to a watercolor... less than 60 seconds!

Fabric Woven Basket

Make this fabulous woven trash can using fabric strips! No glue! No scissors! Just two items. Get the tutorial at DIY beautify!

Today's post is a long way from a July 4th  project! I've inundated your inbox with red, white and blue DIY projects recently, including my easy patriotic pinwheels and my Fourth of July mantel.

I'm ready for some pink, how 'bout you?

This project couldn't be simpler.