Rescued From the Trash

Friday, August 30, 2013

chair after
Can you believe what people throw away? Completely sound, functioning furniture just in need of a little tlc!

Several years ago when we lived in Florida, I found two chairs waiting in a trash pile for pick up one day.  It was my very first 'dumpster dive'.  I was so excited, I had to remind myself to breathe!!

I hopped out, loaded them up and raced home.

Eager to begin work on them, I pulled them out for closer inspection.  They were GROSS. Bad paint job with bad paint. Lots of drips and globs. And sticky. And the seat cushions?  Eeeek! Someone had taken a can of lime green spray paint to the old shiny damask fabric, rather than recover them.

Ok, I was starting to understand why they were in the trash :)

Homemade Date and Nut Bars

Thursday, August 29, 2013

These homemade date and nuts bars taste just like Larabars, and they're quick and easy to make!

homemade larabars

Is Black the new Orange?

I think it's official. Orange is out.  Black is in!  Even better when it's soft black velvet pumpkins, topped with real stems!

I've seen these around blog land for several years now and have been just waiting for the right time to try my hand at some.  I found a great tutorial over at The Lemonista Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial. She figured it all out and it was easy! If you can push a needle in and out of fabric, you can handle this too. Check out these cuties I made!

 My only problem was that I didn't have any real pumpkin stems.  It's only August here after all...pumpkins aren't even in stores yet!  What's a girl to do?

I went out to our garden and looked at our zucchini plants. Hmmm.  Some of the stems were starting to dry out, and they do bear a similarity to pumpkin stems.  I cut them long because I really wanted that free form, curly look, laid them on my pizza stone in my oven at 170 degrees, and let them dry out for several hours. Some of the skinnier ones did not take as long. The fatter ones took about 4 hours. I am very pleased with the results.  A simple dot of hot glue on the stem, pressed onto the top of the pumpkin and they are done.  The mini pumpkins each got a driftwood stem, pieces that I picked up this summer when we were at Arlington Beach in Saskatchewan.

Are you wondering where I bought the black velvet come from? RUN, do not walk, to your nearest Goodwill, and find an article of clothing made from velvet or velour. Why? Because it's cheap, that's why!  I made all these pumpkins from a floor-length girls dress and I've only made it through about half of the dress. The whopping total? $3.49. I know, amazing!

The rest of the budget craft rang up at three bags of black eyed peas ($3.25) and a bag of fiber fill ($3.50) at Walmart.  So I'm just over $10 for the whole craft.  I already had the tulle that I used around the base of some of the stems.

That's a whole lotta pumpkin goodness for very little.

I'm really liking them piled up on my cake stand.  I'm thinking as a spooky table centerpiece or even using them as name markers for a Halloween dinner.  A little black chalkboard tag with a name would fit quite nicely at the base of the stem.

What do you think?  Are you inspired to make some?  I'd love to see the results if you do :)

Happy crafting,

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Is Summer Almost Over?!?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I don't know about you, but in my neck of the woods it is still H.O.T!! Maybe the hottest weather we've had all summer. Crazy. I don't care, I am ready to decorate my house for fall! Fall is my favorite time of the year! Seriously. Having just moved here to TN last December from FL, I completely missed fall and jumped right into winter :(

I grew up in Canada, so fall to me means crisp cool mornings, thick sweaters, apple picking, the smell of school bus exhaust (ha), Labor Day, Indian summer. I Love It. Period. Cooler days are ahead, I just know it. And soon those beautiful fall colors will make their appearance. For now, I decorate!

So I changed up my mantle this morning from summer to fall. It was kinda sad to put away the dreamy blues and seashells of summer BUT I was super excited about the new pumpkins I made and eager to get them displayed. I'm not really crazy about orange and have wholly embraced the white pumpkin craze. Without further adieu, here are my mantles:

Do you have a favorite??

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