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Shopping is my love language, LOL! But seriously, I do enjoy scouring the aisles of my favorite stores, and have purchased more items online in the past few years than ever! Below you'll find my favorite home decorating shopping resources.

dishes collections displayed in wall cubby, hutch and wall

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My favorite home decor resources

Amazon storefront

You can shop Amazon links to my favorite home decor items as well as my favorite and most-used DIY Tools and chalk painting supplies! SHOP my curated Amazon storefront

Our Mississippi rental

laundry room, living room, dining room

Shop our Texas home

Want to shop our Texas farmhouse by room? Click HERE
painted fireplace, dining room, kitchen

Fall Faves for 2023

Cleaning and organizing products

The following items are my Amazon picks for keeping my home organized and cleaning all the things! Click on the image below or HERE

Shop my favorite cleaning and organizing products

Winter decorating 

Looking to add a cozy and welcoming feeling to your home? These items will work all year round but are perfect for a winter home! Click HERE
Winter home decor finds

Favorite kitchen essentials

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you're a decor lover, it should be beautiful as well as functional! Here are some products that will give you both! Click the pictures below to shop.

Favorite online shops

Below you'll find some additional shops that I love! Simply click on the pictures below to shop their products!


  1. Hi, there, Cindy. I'm desperate to find where to purchase the cathedral shaped chalkboards shown in your bedroom. Can you please help? Thanks so much for the inspiration! Sandra (

  2. Where can I find the cathedral shaped chalkboards in your bedroom? Thanks very much! (


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