Home Tour

Do you enjoy taking a peek into other people homes?

When I was growing up, I routinely toured model homes with my parents...just for fun!

We got so many ideas and were inspired by unique decorating tricks the designers used...like hanging curtains from a tree branch or using one giant toy to add drama to a child's room or adding bright faux fruit to a large glass jar on the island.

Update: We've moved! Shop our Mississippi house here

Today I'm inviting you into the DIY Beautify Texas home, room by room! I hope you walk away feeling inspired.

Click on each room below (there are 10) to be taken to a whole new page with projects and ideas that you can try for your own home! Click here if you want to shop my house!

Just to give you a little background, we moved into our current home in Texas in August 2016. We've moved around a lot (you can click here to find out why). We spent two months living at the beach while we house-hunted. We were just not finding the 'right house' for us! Until one day (actually I remember very clearly it was a Sunday, Labor Day weekend. We were at church and I was just quickly scrolling through Zillow to see if any new homes had popped up). It was our happy ending! I got a sweet little farmhouse with a front porch! Let me share the inside with you. 

DIY Beautify home

Tour DIY Beautify

I'm working on adding video tours for each room, hope to have that done soon! You can click on the images below to see more details about each room in our home.

DIY Beautify dining room tour     DIY Beautify living room tour

 DIY Beautify office and craft room tour  DIY Beautify Master bedroom tour

DIY Beautify cottage sitting room tour DIY Beautify cottage sunroom tour

DIY Beautify kitchen tour  DIY Beautify laundry room tour 

DIY Beautify bathroom tour  DIY Beautify front porch tour