Valentine Projects to do with Kids

Friday, January 31, 2014

Four Awesome Crafts!

These are my versions of adorable ideas that I found and made my own.

During the month of February I'll be leading a craft club one night a week for kids at my church I was looking for some terrific crafts that had that 'WOW' factor but were also easy enough to complete in about 30-45 I modified ideas I found and made them my own.

SO, are you ready to see each one up close and personal??


The Tissue Paper Votive Jar

The original idea came from Carolina over at 30 Minute Crafts and rather than reinvent the wheel, I encourage you to visit her site for the full, easy to follow tutorial. I did basically the same thing, using strips of tissue paper and mod podge. However, before my glue dried, I sprinkled silver glitter over it all (kinda hard to see). But believe me when I tell you it's really pretty when it's all lit up! Carolina added a big button to her jar. The kids will be using glittered heart stickers to embellish the outside of their pretty jar. A perfect gift to give to mom :)

Next up and totally adorable is the..

Googly Eyes Heart Garland

The original idea for this came from No.2 Pencil and Melissa has instructions on her site and of course the original version. She used wood hearts and painted them. No time for that, I found foam hearts in lots of fun patterns and sizes. To make the thin hearts thicker, I just stuck two identical ones back to back (they are stickers with paper to peel off the back). I used pieces of pipe cleaner to attach them to the jute (just pushed it through the hole and twisted it tight). It almost makes it look like they have little antennae! The eyes are so fun on these...they really do 'watch' you. 

I know the kids are going to love this one! I strung my sample up across my black hutch and it is so cute.

Next up we have the...

3-D Heart Art

This idea is courtesy of Aimee over at It's Overflowing. She used poster board and a jumbo heart punch. I purchased 8 x 10 art canvasses for the kids to use so it will be a sturdy piece of art. I pre-cut all the hearts using my Cricut. I found that thicker, double-sided paper worked better. For my example shown here, I just cut a piece of cardboard to size, painted it white and attached my hearts. They get folded down the middle and glued on the fold so that their sides are sticking up. It makes for a very pretty, 3-D effect.

And finally...

Tootsie Pop Flower Valentine

This cute idea is from Malia at Yesterday on Tuesday. She used a scallop punch to cut out her tissue paper. I nixed that idea (can you imagine 12 kids fighting over 1 punch??). I cut out a stack of tissue paper squares, and found an easy way to find the center by folding them in half and then half again. By cutting across that fold, it gave me the perfect center hole for inserting the tootsie pop. Scrunching up the tissue paper makes it look like a pretty flower! I also used foam for my leaves and instead of stickers, chose to write the caption on in Sharpie. To make the stem longer, I used a lollipop stick and secured it to the Tootsie Pop stick by twisting a pipe cleaner around the two. That way it can be inserted into a flower vase. Here's a few more pictures of the process:

Have I inspired you to break out the craft supplies?? I hope you choose to incorporate some of these ideas into your home this Valentines. It's so fun to do crafts with your kids or grandkids and it's never too late to start! You still have about two weeks :)


Happy crafting!

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Decorative Graphic or Leave it Plain?

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Can't Decide...

I was feeling too much PINK in my posts lately! It was time to share a furniture post with you :)

I've long been a fan of the Shabby Chic style. And when I first started painting furniture, everything got a coat of white. 

It kinda drove Mr. Diy nuts.

I think he had visions of me slowly transforming our home and its entire contents into the inside of an igloo :)

So I branched out into other colors.

However, there is something so soothing about the neutrality of white. And it goes with everything!

I have 3 pieces of furniture that I recently gave either a first coat or a fresh coat of white paint to.

The first is an antique sewing cabinet that I bought for less than $10 at a thrift store a few years ago. It is a little wonky and the top has some cracks, but I love it as a little table. It used to be hunter green, ew! I so wish I had a picture to share with you! I love it for its legs and the applique.

The second is a folding tv tray/side table that I scored for only $2. There were 3 available; I bought 2 and kept one in its original wood while painting the other white. I wish I would have bought that third one too!  I love the original wood one; the warmth of the wood tones breaks up some of the pale neutrals I have in the room. 

The one I painted white is for our bonus room but that room was too messy to photograph, lol. This piece looks a little drab next to my slip covered chair. The furniture in the bonus room has more color but is still fairly neutral.

I know I want to paint something on the top, but I'm stuck. I can't decide if I want to do a graphic on it, something maybe like this?? I love the contrast of the black/white. Or maybe a herringbone pattern or chevron that would cover the entire top. Hmmm, what do you think?

The final piece was a recent find. It's a large folding breakfast tray. $5!! It was in rough shape - I think someone had used it as an art table because of all the tape and other goo that was on it.

Here is its before picture:

During its makeover:

And finally, completed:

Quite a transformation, wouldn't you say??

I can't decide if I want to do anything to the top of this one or not.

The reality is that it's probably going to have stuff on it most of the time. So is it worth putting the time into painting something that will just be covered??  Plus, if you've ever painted the inside of a tray before, you know that it's difficult because that bottom edge gets in the way of your hand. You don't have a lot of space to work. Here's a tray I 'painted' using a Sharpie last year...

On the other hand, it would be really unique with something painted on it as well. Sheesh, I just can't decide! I have 'crafter's block'!!

What do you think I should do?

I'd love your input! Sometimes we 'creative geniuses' get brain freezes too :)

Thanks so much friends :)

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Mini Valentines Garlands

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Deck the Tree with Hearts and Pom Poms!

Do you recognize it? The tree? It's my burlap and drop cloth tree that I just couldn't bear to put away after Christmas because I love it so much!

Seriously, have you ever seen anything so cute?

Okay, I may be a little biased, but it did get an entry into the online Christmas 2013 Decorating Guide in Decorating Life (pg.25 in case you're wondering). How cool is that? I didn't even enter :)

Anyway, all that to say...

In case you didn't already notice...

I decorated the tree for Valentines!!

I made the sweetest little garlands for this tree and my pleated drop cloth tree. And the best part? They were easy peasy!

Here's how I did it...

I took my red yarn and laid it out. And then I simply hot glued pink and red pom poms, chipboard hearts and tiny crocheted flowers to it. 

Once the glue had dried, I just lightly wrapped the garland around my tree. 

Did you spot the tiny vial of 'Love Potion'? I added one of those too!

For my other tree, I just grabbed some wooden balls and spools, threaded them onto my yarn, and knotted them in place.

All of these supplies can be found at any craft store. I happened to already have them in my stash, so it was a freebie craft for me :) Love those!

The trees add a nice pop of color to my mantle for Valentines.

To see more of my Valentines crafts and tutorials, you can read about my vintage Love sign, find out how I made the mini pallet sign, how to make some adorable felt hearts, how to make the love potion, and those swags you see hanging on my mantle. 

Oh, and there just might be a Valentines wreath and a burlap heart tutorial coming up, hint hint :)

I've been a busy girl!

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DIY Valentines Swags for Your Mantle

Monday, January 27, 2014

Adding a Softer Touch

I chose to go all-out for Valentines this year...we're talking sudden and dramatic influx of PINK.

I have a lot of white and neutral furnishings so they balance the unexpected infusion of pink quite nicely.

Just don't ask my teenage sons what their opinion is! 
(Don't worry, I kept it confined to the main floor for their sake)

I needed something to spruce up my mantle...and remember...I was doing this entirely on the cheap, no trips to the store, just shopping my house and my stash for supplies.

So I came up with two different swags to make...and, I'll be gotta have some "girly girl" in you to appreciate these :) The bottom swag is made using the technique found here and a roll of crepe paper (birthday streamers). It's the same technique I used on my ruffled crepe paper Christmas trees. I love the ruffles stretched across my mantle!

The second swag took longer to make but is still super easy. I simply tied a length of red yarn across my mantle, leaving a slight bow. Then I cut 3-4" strips of white and pink tulle and double-tied them to my yarn, alternating 2 pink, 2 white, until I got to the other side. It took a couple evenings to finish tying all the knots...but the light and airy look of it is exactly what I was going for. I love the peeks of red yarn showing through. (A tip here is not to try to tie each piece right beside the'll drive yourself crazy. Instead, tie it a little further up on the yarn (don't knot it too tightly), and then slide it down to meet the others. Much more manageable that way)

Finally, I found some monogram cards in my stash...pulled out the letters to spell "LOVE" and hung them using old fashioned clothespins with a heart-shaped doily in the middle.

Simple, inexpensive...different...and totally charming :)

Do you think the guys in your family could live with such a girly vignette??

Did you miss the tutorial for the mini pallet I made using wood shims (with the big red heart painted on it)? You can find it right here. I'll also be sharing the super easy garlands for my burlap and drop cloth trees very soon!

Thanks friends, for taking time to stop in :) I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you!

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