Line-up of Easter Egg Desserts

Monday, March 31, 2014

Delightful Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Desserts and Crafts

An egg is just an egg...

until you combine it with a creative mind...

then you have a work of art!

Good morning friends! I am so glad you are here this morning...have I got some eye candy for you today!

I have been on a pinning streak lately. My new Spring and Easter Pinterest board, has been getting a lot of action! There are so many unique and wonderful ways to decorate Easter eggs popping up on Pinterest and at Link parties! I was going to collect a variety of them to showcase, but it seems several other bloggers have thought of the same thing....


I decided to put together a collection of some of the ways the Easter egg is making its way into desserts. Each of these ideas is unique and clever and brilliant and I am just in awe of all the amazing talent and creative genius that is out there. I did sneak a couple of Easter egg crafts or decor in just because they were too delightful to miss!

Enjoy all the talent and inspiration and remember, please click on the link below each picture to Pin directly from the source!!

(English translator needed for this blog)

Aren't those ideas beautiful and brilliant and yummy looking??? I just realized all the desserts I chose for this lineup have chocolate...what can I say? Chocolate speaks to my soul!!

Easter Egg Desserts and Crafts

Be sure to check out my Spring and Easter Pinterest Board for lots more great Easter craft and decor ideas as well as delicious Easter desserts.

I hope your spring bulbs are starting to pop up and greet you with bright Spring color when you walk outside!!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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Easy Marinade and Glass Jars for Drinks

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Easiest and Most Foolproof Marinade - Period.

Easy & Tastiest Marinade for Grilling Meats

As I was preparing our steaks for dinner tonight, it dawned on me that I haven't posted a recipe for quite awhile and that my super quick and easy marinade would be perfect to share on the blog.

This is the ONLY marinade I use. Ever. It is perfect with steak, pork and chicken. Everything we've tried it on tastes amazing. It tastes best if you can give 3-4 hours for your meat to hang out in this marinade. Also, it tastes amazing on grilled meat. I've tried it on meat I've baked, but it's just not the same.

So what's in it? Well I'll tell you but if you're super OCD about measuring stuff, you're not going to like me, lol! This is one of those 'a little of this, a little of that' kind of recipes. However, it's virtually foolproof! Unless you dumped a whole carton of salt on it, I can't really see you messing it up.

We're grilling steaks tonight, so I'll show you how I prepare my steaks with this easy marinade.

Here is a list of the ingredients. You'll see there's nothing strange on it, it's all stuff that most of us have in our kitchens on a day to day basis.

Easy Marinade Ingredients
salt and pepper 
fresh minced garlic
fresh lemon or lime wedge
drizzle of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
low-sodium soy sauce

That's it. Easy enough, right?

So start by generously sprinkling your meat of choice with salt and pepper.

Notice the next ingredient is 'fresh' minced garlic. Do NOT substitute garlic powder - please! The full bodied flavor of this marinade all comes together around the garlic. Trust me, you don't want to leave it out.

Don't have a garlic press? Not a problem. I don't either! What I do have is my very favorite knife ever - a Santoku knife. I first heard about this knife on Rachel Ray's show and I found mine at Home Goods for about $15.00 - probably cheaper than a garlic press. This knife is truly amazing! 

Let me show you how easy it is to mince garlic -

Easy Marinade Recipe for Grilling Meat

1. You've got a clove of garlic but it's covered in the fine, sticky peel. How do you remove???
2. Easy! Lay the flat of your knife on top and give it a good whack with your other hand (I use my fist). It smashes the clove and the peel just slips right off.
3. Line up all your cloves and chop through them one time so they're in big pieces. Then, with the heel of one hand on the front of the blade, use your other hand to bring the knife up and down in small, continuous motions. You'll have to stop periodically to clean the garlic off your knife. Move through the garlic until it's as fine as you want it.
4. Voila, in less than a minute you have perfectly minced garlic! And no garlic press to clean!!

So here is my steak with all the above ingredients on it (salt, pepper and fresh minced garlic). Wondering how much garlic to use? It's personal preference but I use one small clove per steak or so. Use more or less depending on how much you're in love with garlic :)

Easy Marinade Recipe for Grilling Meat

A squeeze of fresh lemon or lime is next. I cut a wedge or two from my lemon or lime. Again, depends on how much meat you have.

Then you want just a small drizzle of EVOO. I would say that I used no more than a teaspoon of oil for this plate of meat. I think it helps keep the meat tender.

Last is the low sodium soy sauce. If you're using the full sodium version, you may want to omit salt altogether. I'm fairly generous with this, meaning I douse each piece of meat really well. For this plate, I maybe used 1/4 cup of soy sauce.

Easy & tastiest marinade for grilling meat

Then I just flip my meat a couple times so that all the goodness from the top is distributed to the bottom as well and both sides of meat get marinated. Cover and refrigerate until your hubs gets home and is ready to get his grill on :)

Mmmmmm, at this point, the whole house smells just amazing :) My tummy is a-rumbling!

But before I go, I've got one more thing to share with you today. I recently read a post by Aunt Ruthie of Sugar Pie Farmhouse about the toxicity of plastic and why she has switched over to glass in her kitchen. Obviously plastic containers are still going to be a staple in many of our homes (mine included) but one of the things she is using that I found so charming and do-able is a glass Ball jar with a lid and straw as her drinking glass.

While I was in Target today, I wandered through the Dollar Spot like I always do and what did I see but these charming screw top lids for canning jars (with a hole for a straw)!! As I dug around a little further, I found a 2-pack of jars with faux-zinc lids that looked like a perfect match. The jars were $3/pkg and the lids were $1 each. I bought 2 lids and 1 package of jars. So for only $2.50 each, I have healthy and cute drinking jars :) I think I'll be able to use the faux-zinc lids on some of my antique mason jars - I'm hoping they fit! (Update: they did)

Mason Jar as a drinking glass

I added some lime slices to my water because it's supposed to be a natural aid in digestion and anti-toxins throughout the day as you sip. There are several other easy additions you can add to your drinking water to help your body detox. It's not just something they do at the Spa because it looks impressive...there's a reason behind it!

Mason jar for drinking and detox water

Mason jar as a drinking glass and detox water

Too cute, right? I know I'll feel better drinking water all day long from something that isn't leaching chemicals and toxins into my body.

I hope you find this information helpful and my marinade recipe as delicious as we do! Please let me know if you have any questions; I'd love to know if you try it too!!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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Clock Inspired Double-Tier Table

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to paint a round table with a clock graphic

Transform a round table with a painted clock face! See more at DIY beautify

I've had this little vintage table for awhile...I bought it from a gal who sold chalk painted furniture out of an old barn on her property in FL.

I was brand new to the whole concept of chalk paint and needed a piece of chalk-painted furniture that I could see and touch to know what I was dealing with before I started doing it myself :)

Shabby Wreath for Spring

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Shabby Wreath for Spring and Easter Using Drop Cloth Strips!

Shabby Wreath for Spring and Easter

Decorating for Spring in my Home

Friday, March 21, 2014

Adding Spring Touches Around my Home

Moss & chalk-painted robin's eggs

Happy First Official Day of Spring :) My first crocus is blooming outside - that is a very good sign! It's time to show you all the Spring touches around my home! I'm excited to share these with you because some of these little projects were so easy and the first time I've tried them. I hope you'll want to incorporate some of them into your own home too! 

Remember my Easter tree that I decorated with chalk painted plastic eggs?? Well, I painted some more and even speckled them to look like robin's eggs! Aren't they adorbs?? Speckling them is so easy to do! Just take an old toothbrush, dip it into a bit of black acrylic paint and run your thumb along the bristles, aiming the 'spray' at the eggs. I laid my eggs on some newspaper on the floor and was able to do several at once. Some of the spots will be larger than others but that's what makes them authentic looking. 

Decorating for Spring

They look so striking sitting on a bed of moss!

Decorating for Spring

I'm crazy about these concrete-type urns and have found several at thrift stores for so cheap. I fill the bottom with a cheapo filler like crumpled newspaper and then lay moss on top. By the way, a lot of this moss was found at the Dollar Tree!! I did have a bag of moss from Walmart too and it's all combined and mixed together. I like the variety.

Decorating for Spring

I was running out of moss and was about to go to the store to buy more when I happened to go outside to look for some pebbles. Lo and behold, growing right outside my back door was a wonderful bed of moss!! You can bet I started pulling it up! I didn't need a trowel or anything; it was literally just laying on the ground, and was easy to pull right up. I have a bunch of it drying outside. But it got me thinking...I wonder if I could grow it???

So I brought some inside and put it on a cake stand and set my cloche over the top of it with some pretty eggs on top. I kid you not...this stuff is growing!! It's about 1/2" taller than it was when I placed it in there. I haven't touched it. I notice there is moisture on the inside of the glass at certain times of the's a happy little growing environment in there. I do want to replace the eggs for some nice rounded stones soon because I have a feeling they will be covered with moss in the next little while, lol! 

Decorating for Spring - growing moss in a terrarium

Update: I just remembered the smooth river stones Little Diy painted last year so I pulled them out.

Grow a Live Moss Terrarium - Decorating for Spring

I have to say...these brightly painted stones are a big improvement over the eggs!!! Don't they look pretty?

Live Moss Terrarium

Look around your yard, particularly cool, shady spots like under porches, at the base of might be surprised to find your own bed of moss too!

Spring Mantle Decor

I kept my Spring mantle fairly simple...candles, milk glass, some vintage silver, painted mason jars and artificial flowers. A pretty bunting that is simply vintage doilies draped over a length of string just tops it off.

Spring Mantle

Simple...and gorgeous! It's like Spring and Summer and rolled into one :)

Decorating for Spring

On the other side, I elevated a milk glass vase on a candle pedestal, filled it with more moss and made a 'daisy chain' for it with silk flowers. I pulled all the petals off some various flowers I had and used my Cropadile to punch holes in the middle of the petals. Then I took a narrow branch from my yard that was still pliable (Mr. Diy had recently pruned) and threaded that through all the petals and tied it off. Doesn't it make a pretty ring of petals on this side of the mantle?

Succulents in teacups

I don't know if this really counts as Spring decorating, but I've recently pinned all these charming ideas of planting succulents in vintage teacups. So I did that too as I had these two pretty teacups that needed a function!

Decorating for Spring

I finally wiped off the 'Happy Valentines Day' art on my giant chalkboard and spent way too much time trying to get my Easter chalkboard art right. I was having an 'off' day (could be because my right hand is currently in a tendonitis brace)...everything got erased because it didn't look right. I finally decided to just keep it short, sweet and simple. HA. Good enough for now :)

Decorating for Spring

I also have this little vignette that I've already shared, featuring my Easter tree, flower pot wreath tutorial and Easter shadowbox. They're all displayed on this cottage green dresser and look so charming together.

And this week I shared with you my bunny that was given a makeover with spray paint. It is now a charming addition to my Spring decor.

Decorating for Spring

So my home has been decorated for both Easter and Spring :) How is your Spring decorating coming along?

I hope you are inspired by some of my projects and can use them to jump-start your own Spring decorating!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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