How to Make a Coffee Filter Tree

This coffee filter tree is a must for your Christmas decorating! It's a simple, affordable DIY project that can be completed in an hour or two and the results are simply stunning!

coffee filter tree

If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen pictures of this beautiful tree. I've got it sitting in a basket along with my burlap and drop cloth trees that I made a couple years ago.

If you've never decorated with coffee filters, you will be so happy with the results! There's something magical in the process of making one. My coffee filter wreath is one of my most Pinned projects. The humble coffee filter becomes something beautiful, artful and worthy of praise! I promise that no one will even guess that coffee filters are involved! And by keeping the tree unadorned, it can stay out long past Christmas!

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coffee filter tree supplies

I told you this was a cheap project...seriously, this is all you need! If you use the plastic-covered Styrofoam cone, it's less messy to just leave the plastic on!


Spread something out on your work surface to protect your tabletop. The glue gun will be getting heavy use in this project.

Separate several coffee filters and have them ready to go.

The pictures below show how I attach the coffee filters to the cone. Start gluing the coffee filters to the bottom and work your way up the cone.

steps to make a coffee filter tree

You want to glue the coffee filters close together so you get the fullest look with no gaps showing through. When you're ready to add another layer, keep them as close together as possible. This is what gives the coffee filter tree that magical petal look!

Yes, it takes awhile to get to the top of that cone, at least an hour! But it is so worth it!

how to make a coffee filter tree

Turn some Christmas music on, light a yummy smelling candle, and enjoy the process 😉 You're making decor that you will have for years to come!

I made this coffee filter tree last Christmas. I wasn't sure how it would pack and travel to our new home in Texas, but when I pulled it out of the box, it was good as new!

Once you reach the top of the cone, it's going to look a little strange until you trim it into a cone shape.

Just grab your scissors and trim a little off. Go easy!

trim the top

And that it is! You are now the creator of a beautiful Christmas tree made entirely of coffee filters!

coffee filter tree

It's full and looks like a million ruffled flower petals.

coffee filter tree petals

It's also surprisingly sturdy so if you choose not to display it all year, you can loosely wrap it with some packing paper and tuck it away until next year!
coffee filter Christmas tree

I would love to know if you make a coffee filter tree! Leave me a comment below and feel free to attach a picture of your masterpiece!

make a coffee filter tree this Christmas

Happy crafting! I've got another white tree tutorial to share with you might be surprised what it's made out of! I'll give you a's something you wear. Any guesses? Watch for that soon!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. This was AWESOME!!!! I used kids party hats as I could get 5 for $3 :) cheaper. Then, inspired by what they looked like I bought dollar store Christmas balls and did it on those - looks like huge snow balls. So pretty, thanks!!!

    1. Deb, thanks so much for sharing your experience with this project! I'm glad you loved it, the party hats was a great idea. And you inspired me to makeover some old ornaments I have! Merry Christmas!!

  2. What a sweet little tree Cindy and everyone loves a quick, easy and cheap DIY project. Pinning this to make next year.
    I'm delighted to be featuring your coffee filter tree at tomorrow's Shabbilicious Friday link party. Merry Christmas sweetie xx

  3. Beautiful!!! I love the natural filter for that soft look so perfect for fall. I made a small white one quite a few years ago and I have absolutely no idea how I put it together. So it's nice to have a tutorial. :)

  4. This idea is soooo cute!Maybe I’ll make a coffee filter. It would be my first DIY project on coffee filter tree.

  5. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Have you ever tried to glue lights to the styrofoam first. I wonder if the lights would get too hot?

    1. Thanks Kelli, no I haven't tried adding lights, but that would be pretty!


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