How to Make a Gathered Flower - Super Easy Tutorial

Are you ready for one of the easiest tutorials in the world??  When I shared my black velvet wreath earlier this week I promised a tutorial on the gathered flowers.

Aren't these flowers sublime?

They come together so easy, it's almost like magic!

Cut a length of material (tulle, fabric, ribbon, burlap, lace) about 8-10 inches. Fold in half lengthwise.

Thread needle and start running loose stitches along the open end of the length. Keep the fold to your left. Stitch all the way up to the end. Your flower will start forming as you lightly pull on the thread.

Once you've reached the end, pull your two threads tightly together and knot a few times to secure.
You will have a lovely, gathered flower.

See how the folded edge now makes up the outside edge of the flower and gives it nice fullness?

The velvet flower was made with a narrower width, so that the tulle would be peeking out from behind. I joined the two together with hot glue.

After I added my embellishments to the center (you can add pearls, buttons, beads, whatever you like), I hot-glued it to my wreath.  Easy-peasy, right?!

Are you inspired to make some gathered flowers for yourself?

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