How to Turn a Basic Black Frame into Halloween Decor

Makeover a Little Black Frame

Easy Vintage Halloween decor

It was just a little black frame. Plain and boring. It sat and sat in my scrapbook stash, aka My Very Own Personal Scrapbook Store, from when I used to spend a LOT some money on scrapbook supplies {cough}.

If you're a scrapbook enthusiast, you know how it is. You see something cute and buy it, bring it home and stash it away because you don't really have any pictures to use with it at the time. {Note to self: plan outing around cute stickers} Sometimes you even bring home some awesome supply that you just had to have and realize, aack, you already have three of them!! Am I the only one??

So that was me for many years and I've acquired quite a hoard of supplies.

I pulled this lonely little frame out the other day because it was black and Halloween is just around the corner, and it got me thinking....

I have a collection of vintage images that I've printed {for free} from the Graphics Fairy and others who have put up images for us to use.

This little one caught my eye...the wheels started to spin...before I knew it I was pulling out ribbon and ball trim, buttons and flowers, glue and all my white stickers - hoping and praying I had the "right" letters.

It all came together in a really fun way! The little black frame ain't so boring anymore is it??  And the best part?? Because I already had everything, it didn't cost me a thing, hehe. Nope, not one red cent.

Easy Vintage Halloween Decor DIY

That's my story and I'm stickin to it :)

Easy vintage Halloween decor DIY

And hey, if you're in the area, look me up and we can go shopping my stash together! Who knows what goodies we'll find?!

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  1. Super cute! And way to use what you had on hand!

  2. Ok, I am totally cracking up at this! No, I have NEVER (coughing spasm coming on here) bought something I already had or bought something without a specific pic in mind. BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHHA! RIGHT!! I can so completely relate to your post that I was laughing seeing myself in there. I do believe we're sisters separated at birth. We'll definitely hook up to go shopping and spend [some] money if I ever get that way. :)

    Love how you did the frame; it's very cute and I love the vintage pring.

    1. So glad someone can relate {wink and smile}. I'll try to save some $$ till you get here :) haha


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