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I am privileged to be called "Aunt" by some very special nieces and nephews. This past summer, we spent time with my "little" brother and his family in Canada. My brother is 6 years younger than me but he's over a foot taller. I still remember when he was born and I got to play dress-up and help my mom take care of him. Now he's a daddy to four amazing little ones...the newest is just a few weeks old. I decided to make duct tape wallets as Christmas gifts for these little stinkers! Read on for the tutorial.

(Attention Family: Spoiler Alert!)

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My brother is such a great daddy. He pulled out face paints* one morning and painted his oldest son's face. He does it all the time...no occasion...just for fun.

Can you believe it?

Of course I had to get in on the action and pretty soon little Diy and her cousin were sporting butterflies. Not bad for my first try :)

I just LOVE these kids. They're fun and loud and FULL of personality! See that little one in the corner?

Yeah, the little guy with the sippy cup.

What a little cutie right?

Don't you just want to gobble him up??

Well, the Duct Tape Wallets came about because of something this little fella did while we were visiting. . . .

His sweet momma and I were getting ready to go shopping and she grabbed her purse to get her wallet. Whatdya know, her wallet was open and a bunch of her credit cards were missing. . . .Uh Oh.

Apparently Mr. Cutie here has made it a habit to 'borrow' his mom's credit cards and tuck them away in private places....just in case he might need them later (a guy's gotta have a ready supply of funds ya know!).

I decided these little stinkers would get their OWN wallets....complete with 'credit cards' so their poor momma wouldn't have to go hunting for hers anymore :)  Big brother hasn't been known to pull this stunt, but I thought he would enjoy getting a wallet too! I remember when my boys were little...if one of them got something cool and the other one didn't...there could be trouble!

So I started searching the web for easy-to-understand duct tape wallet instructions. I ended up combining two different tutorials, this tutorial and this one and found this worked best for me. By the time I'd finished one, I had it down and the second came together super-quick!

There's a spot for bills....

And lots of room for credit cards. I spent the rest of the summer collecting cards from the various places we visited so that I could stuff their wallets full!

Notice that all the edges are trimmed in a contrasting color. I just used regular duct tape for that. I cut it in half width-ways. It gives a nice, clean look and hides all the raw edges.

There are so many fun duct tapes to choose from now! I picked Avengers* because these wallets are going to some pretty cool Super Heroes. I also found these awesome Super Hero belts* online, so this will be their Christmas gift this year.

I hope they like their gifts, it looks like I'll be hearing about it if they don't, lol!

Do you know any little boys who would like to get a duct tape wallet for Christmas??

Have you seen my duct tape beach bags? They're more 'girly' and lots of fun to make; plus they're waterproof which makes them perfect for the pool or beach! And I wrote a step-by-step tutorial for duct tape wallets with credit card slots...you can find that here.

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  1. Such adorable photos! And the wallets are a great idea!

    1. Thanks Amy, they are cuties, aren't they?? The wallets are so fun, with so many duct tapes to choose from!

  2. I LOVE crafting with duct tape so much! Your wallets turned out so well!

    1. Yes, duct tape is so much fun!! And the variety is amazing. Thanks for your sweet comments :)

  3. Hey Cindy!

    Just finally read this. Awesome!! The boys will love them and anything that has a superhero on it is a hit. Can you believe Joel likes to potty train and read the sears catalogue - "hunting for the hulk"?? It's super cute... great idea - thanks for all the love on behalf of the boys!

    Your Little Bro


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