Thrifty Ironstone Finds

Goodwill Comes Through Again

A new Goodwill just opened up about 8 minutes from my house...that's if I make all green lights :)

I love nothing better than scouring the aisles of Goodwill for a good deal. I'm always on the hunt for real English ironstone, and Goodwill has often been a great source for me. It's hit or miss though.

This time was definitely a hit!

Look at this adorable Christmas plate I found.

Finding English Ironstone at Goodwill

I love the crazing on the back! And the fact it's made in Staffordshire, England!! I'm not sure what made me such an English ironstone snob...I will collect the other too, when I find it, but I just LOVE the English stuff!!

I also found this great sugar bowl. Unfortunately it is missing it's little lid, but it was .99 and is English, so I bought it. It will be great for flowers, any kind of storage (small soaps, cotton balls in the bathroom, etc). I really like the raised wheat design. Mr. Diy spent part of his formative years on the wheat has significance for us :)

Hunting for English Ironstone

The little creamer has no marking on the bottom, but is the same pattern as my Snow White Regency ironstone plates, and will be a great addition to my ironstone display on my tiffany blue shelf.

Thrift Store Ironstone Finds

When you buy things at thrift stores, you are lucky if you find sets...and often don't. So you are left with mismatched plates, cups, bowls, etc. Which is okay if they are all one color (as most of my ironstone is). However, this blue plate perfectly matches a gorgeous ironstone coffee pot that I found a few years ago at a Goodwill in FL for only $2.99!!! Not one chip on it...just lots of crazing.

Ironstone at Goodwill

I plan to serve coffee and cookies on my "new matching set", lol!

Finding Ironstone at Thrift Stores

I know, I should have had some fantastic homemade Christmas cookies to display....but I didn't.....I did find some chocolate Pirouine biscuits though (for the purposes of this picture). 

Would you like to come for coffee? I promise to have something homemade :)

Oh, I almost forgot (the chocolate totally distracted me) my thrifty shopping adventure, I also found this pair of adorable deer for .99 each.

Brass Animals from Thrift Stores

They're small and very heavy. Right now they're a brassy gold. I can't decide if I should paint them (I'm leaning toward glossy white) or leave them as is. I know gold is coming back into fashion. 

What do you think I should do?

Have you scored anything good at Goodwill lately? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. My favorite is the Christmas plate! So nice and patterned! Very nice finds ;)

    Jessica x

    1. Thanks! You must find some great stuff, living in the United Kingdom...straight from the source :) I am glad that some of it makes it's way "across the pond" :)

  2. I, too, am always on the lookout for ironstone. It has become my guilty addiction. Glad to know I am not alone in it. Love the finds!

    1. Thanks :) We should really form a sisterhood, don't you think?? LOL!


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