Happy 18th and a Birthday Chalkboard

It's not every day that your son turns 18 years old!

It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to my firstborn....okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration..but surely it hasn't been eighteen years already?!?

I know every new parent is proud...but I knew...just KNEW..that I had personally given birth to the most beautiful baby in the whole entire universe! I mean, just look at his perfect little round head and kissable cheeks!

He just kept getting cuter and cuter!

Yes, there were a few naughty stages along the way (I haven't posted those pictures)...but he came through with flying colors...and grew up into the (mostly) mature eighteen year old boy that we are so proud of today, finishing high school this spring and looking forward to entering the world of civil engineering in the fall...

A handsome, tall young man who loves the Lord and his family! What mama wouldn't be proud??

He celebrated his birthday by having a gang of guys over for video games, pizza, wings, "mom's famous cookie cake"; and topped off the night by going out to the Hobbit, and coming back to stay up half the night playing games and hanging out.

Little Diy and I decided a great big celebratory piece of chalkboard art was in order.

I did the artwork in my yard sale frame that I was So Glad I Said Yes to...

And Little Diy helped by coloring in the balloons and decorating some of the letters/numbers.

What did Braden think?

Well, he's a guy...not 100% appreciative of his mom's creative skills...but all in all, he thought it was pretty cool!

I think I might just leave it up for the month of January :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Braden! He's a handsome guy, and you obviously did a great job raising him!

  2. You should be proud of that handsome young man! We are a family of civil engineers. My hubby is one, as his dad, and our youngest son. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann, I am very proud! How cool that your family are civil engineers...this will be a new adventure for our family :)


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