Grey Hutch Reveal and Tips for Finding a Hutch on Craigslist

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grey Hutch Reveal

Is it grey or gray? I've always written it "gray", but I think "grey" is more in vogue at the moment :) Both are correct, as far as I know.

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you'll remember that back in the fall, I gave you a little sneak peek of my three hutches that I bought {2 off Craigslist}. I've shown you more details of my thrifty black hutch and my $40 white hutch, a true labor of's time to reveal the GREY hutch to you...and the little story that accompanies it's purchase.

This hutch was not found on Craigslist for super-duper cheap. I was looking for furniture for my Shabby Scrapbook/Craft Room that I was putting together and happened upon this old hutch in a consignment shop in Florida. It wasn't for sale. They were actually using it behind the counter to store supplies. But I fell in love with it and convinced them to sell it to me! It wasn't really a steal...I think I paid $160 for it...maybe $170? (this was at least 6 years ago..sorry but my brain is fuzzy..) It was missing the big glass piece from the door, it had a drippy white paint job, the shelves inside were loose ...but I bought it anyway.

using a hutch in the master bedroom

My friend and I {well, mostly my friend 'cause I'm wimpy} dragged it outside to my Tahoe and cooperatively singlehandedly lifted it and stuck it into the back {it's great having strong friends!!} I was a big help because I figured out how to work the jiggy mechanism to get all the seats to lay flat, so I was pretty proud of myself...didn't even work up a sweat :D

Once home, I didn't do anything to it. It went into my pretty, shabby chic craft room {which I will have to show you pictures of some day}, and I stored craft supplies inside of it.

The one thing that really stumped me was that big, open space. The door was just an open frame. Mr. Diy and I tossed around some ideas but weren't sure how sound the structure was and if it could really take any hammering. So I laid a piece of lace over the top and didn't think much more about it.

Grey Painted Hutch

After our move to TN, when I no longer had a craft room, I was using this piece in our living room. I decided to add some chicken wire to the open space in the door, using a staple gun to attach it. The color didn't look great against our vanilla walls, so I mixed up some custom chalk paint from samples of greiges I had been collecting from Sherwin Williams. 

Two-toned painted hutch using a lighter color on panels

I can't tell you what exactly went into it...a little of this and a little of that...

I just mixed until I liked the resulting color. The raised pieces on the front got a coat of creamy white for contrast. Once everything was distressed to my liking, I waxed with dark wax which really brought out some beautiful depth.

The grey hutch has since moved to the Master bedroom. I added the lace panel back (stapled) so that my clothes are hidden from view.  I don't know if it will stay here's such a great color that would really work in any room {I so wish it fit in my would be a great cabinet to store towels!!}

distressing and the addition of dark wax adds depth to an antique hutch

I LOVE the legs on this piece!

Lovely legs on an antique hutch

My blog friend Ashley, of 3 Little Greenwoods, was kind enough to feature my white hutch on a post about searching for a hutch on Craigslist.

Because I've been successful in this area, I decided to share my top five tips for looking for a hutch on CL:

1. Scour CL daily (morning, noon, night) - you never know when someone will list the exact thing you are looking for!

2. Expand your search area - both of my "cheapie" hutches were found in areas that were a 45 min to 1 hour drive (one way) away from me! In order to save some money, I had to spend some gas $ (totally worth it to me)

3. Experiment with different 'keywords' - you might be searching for a 'hutch' but the person listing it calls it a 'cabinet' or 'cupboard'...get creative in your searching and you just might find what you are looking for much quicker. If you are looking for a certain style, try just entering that in the search field (ie: 'french' or 'mid-century') in the furniture category

4. Be patient - I searched for months before finding just what I was looking for. Don't give up...eventually it will be listed and if you move on it immediately, you have the best chance of getting it.

5. Respond immediately - once you see something you like (providing it's within your price range), JUMP on it. If there's a phone number listed, call and ask to see it; if not, email right away. Always remember safety first when you go to view CL pieces!! Take someone with you!! And remember that a little haggling is definitely okay, but be prepared to pay full price if you really want it.

GOOD LUCK to all those looking for a hutch on Craigslist...I hope you find exactly what you are looking for! If any of my tips helped you, I would love it if you'd let me know!

I hope my grey hutch has inspired you today :)

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  1. Wonderful tips! {Psst... I found one!}

    ~ Ashley

    1. Thanks Ashley and I'm so happy you found one...can't wait to see the big reveal :)

  2. Beautiful.....And I still spell it 'gray'.


    1. Thanks's one of those funny words, isn't it? At least they're both right :) I appreciate you stopping by DIY beautify.


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