Decorating my Mantle for Spring

Spring Mantle

Where did Spring go?? That's what  I'd like to know.

I'm a little miffed, I gotta tell you.

It was warm and daffodils and crocuses are up. All the trees are flowering.

Today was kind of a shock to the system after all that sunny stuff.

I'm feeling a little cranky and out of sorts!

This wind and weird weather makes my allergies go haywire and it just puts me in a bad mood when 
I don't feel well!! Sigh.

The good news (thank goodness there is some good news!) is that I finally got around to painting my Master bedroom and bathroom this weekend and it looks amazing!! I just need to hang some stuff on the walls and organize a little and then I will post the full reveal!

Oh wait, there is more good news :)

I have all my Spring decorating and Easter crafts done! Yup, all I gotta do is buy the chocolate and Mr. Diy is usually good for that ;)

Chocolate puts me in a really good mood!!!

Anyway, what this post is supposed to be about (cough), is my beautiful Spring Mantle, 
all decorated for...well, Spring! And Easter!

I love having a mantle!

In Florida we didn't have a fireplace (not much need of one), hence no mantle. It really stunk because I loooove decorating my mantle!

It's probably THE single most frequently changed area in our home...just because I have one and I can!

For Spring, I wanted to stay with whites and pastels. I used some of my milk glass, balanced on either side, a few glass hurricanes with vanilla (yum) scented candles. I centered my gorgeous thrifted mirror that I revealed to you when I shared my Piano Room. Three painted mason jars (yes, painted with chalk paint...did you know you could do that?)  filled with happy daisies are sitting on one of my collected vintage silver trays (I found out that this one, a pickle/relish dish, is actually worth quite a bit!).

But maybe my very favorite part of the whole mantle... the vintage doily bunting stretching across it!

Spring Mantle with Doily Bunting and Painted Mason Jars

I've had a thing for vintage doilies for awhile.

Both my mom and my Nana used to crochet them so I have some that were theirs (now that they've both passed on, those ones are extra special). I've also snapped them up at thrift stores whenever I've spotted them; they're usually under a buck a piece. I love that they're all unique, each design is different. Some are thin and delicate, others are more chunky. I'm drawn to the white and bisques.

This bunting was as simple as two tiny nails hammered into the corners of my mantle and tying a length of twine across. The doilies are just draped over the twine. Nothing more to it!

Spring Mantle with a Vintage Touch

It adds such a charming vintage touch.

The extra doilies are stacked in a chippy white metal basket on the hearth.
I've got some vintage hankies in there too :)
 Collecting Vintage Doilies

I love walking in my front door and seeing my decorated Spring Mantle. It gives me hope that Spring really is here (somewhere) and that Summer can't be too far off (please!)

Spring Mantle with Vintage Doily Bunting

Did you spot the stenciled curtains in the corner of the photo above? That stencil plays a prominent role in my Master bedroom makeover! I cannot wait to share it with you!

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  1. Really pretty mantle. You want to come over and decorate mine?

    1. Thanks Carmody and want to come clean my house, lol?!

  2. What a clever and creative idea!! I have to do this, it's beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us at the Show-licious Craft & Recipe Party! Pinned. :)

    1. Thank you Marti, I like using what I have instead of going out and buying new stuff all the time! The doilies look so pretty, I may keep them up for awhile :) Thanks so much for stopping by to leave your sweet comment!

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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