How to Cut Long Hair

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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These easy tips make it so simple to cut long, straight hair with no tears and no mistakes!
cutting long hair before and after

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I think my kids' hair grows even faster than they do!

I blink...and they are 3 inches taller...and their hair is 4 inches longer...overnight it seems 😃

Little DIY has been bugging me to trim her hair for awhile now and I want to share some easy tips to cutting or trimming long hair. She wanted several inches cut off so it would be easier to maintain for summer, and not so hot.

Update: this little beauty is nearly 15 now!!! We just gave her bedroom a modern makeover while keeping it teen-friendly (colorful, cozy and a little bit random!) Click HERE to see it!

Anyone Can Do This

Full disclosure: I'm just a regular mom, I am by no means an accomplished hairdresser! Back in college I trimmed Mr. DIY's hair and left a bald spot on one side...he had to go and have it fixed! Since that big mistake, I haven't been allowed to try again 😏

However, I'm not afraid to cut my kid's hair. I've often found that the job I do is nearly as good as the cut they get at the cheapie walk-in salons...if not better! I was finding I had to fix their hair after they went to a salon, so I decided to save myself the money and do it myself.

I have a good pair of hair cutting shears and clippers for my boy's haircuts. I bought a hair trimming set and it came with all the attachments for the clippers as well as the shears. They're relatively inexpensive to buy for something that you'll use so often! 

Okay, remember I said I'm no expert...well, I still make little boo boos from time to time when I cut my boys hair, but they are always very gracious. "Don't worry mom, it'll grow!"  Thank goodness hair grows! It has been my salvation more than once 😀

Cutting long hair is by far the easiest! There's no trimming around the ears (my least favorite thing) or the neck. It's a simple matter of making sure the ends are even.

There's a trick to it, and I'll share it with you so you can easily cut your daughter's hair too...all from the comfort of your own home...and save yourself some money!

Here's what you'll need

  • spray bottle
  • wide tooth comb
  • conditioner
  • large hair clips
  • hair scissors
  • stool (something backless for them to sit on to raise them up a little...saves your can see a little further down that little DIY is sitting on 3 stools!)

How to cut long hair

Step One
Hair needs to be very wet (a spray bottle comes in handy), and then use a wide tooth comb and comb all the tangles out. If the hair is really tangled, rub a little conditioner between your palms and work it through the hair; it will make the job easier. Look just how long this little peanut's hair was!

tips to trim long hair

Step Two
Make sure the hair is parted where you normally part it. If I'm going to make a mistake on her hair, this is where it happens! Because after it's washed, the part is often slightly different. But that's no biggie, you can go back when it's dry and make adjustments!

Step Three
Depending on the thickness of your daughter's hair, you will need one (or more) big clips. You're going to think of the hair in terms of 3 horizontal sections, the bottom section is what we're going to cut first, so we want to clip up all the rest of the hair.

clip hair into sections

Nice face, right?? She's such a ham! Use the comb to divide the first section straight around her head so you have a nice, straight line. Twist and clip the rest on the top of her head. 

Spray the hair with water again if you need, to ensure it's nice and wet. And make sure she is keeping her head straight, not tilted. You'll want to check this periodically during the haircut!

Step Four
I made my first cut in the back middle, after first drawing the comb straight down the hair. Then I repeated all the way around snipping it evenly. When the hair is wet, it lays flat and there are no flyaways so not only is it easier to cut but you are more apt to cut it evenly. 

Step Five
Once you've cut this first section, stand in front of her and compare the sides, making sure both sides are the same length. Make adjustments as needed.

Step Six
Now it's time to let down another section of hair. Divide the remaining hair in half, twist and clip up the rest. Wet as needed. Starting at the middle back again, draw the comb down nice and tightly and snip the hair right at the length of the first section. The clipped first section works as the perfect guide. Work your way around the head in this manner until the second section is done, going back over and making sure it's all even by combing through it.

cutting the first layer

Here is Little DIY's hair after the second section of hair had been cut. You can see that it is wet. You can see the straight line right across (easy to do when it's wet and when you use your comb as a guide).

tips to trim long hair

Step Seven
Let down your last section...we're almost done - YAY!! Wet the hair again...Oh, and you can see that we discarded the comb's tines kept getting caught in the terrycloth. It was much easier without it! So proceed with this last layer just like you did with the first two. Comb through each strand before cutting to loosen any knots and make sure it's laying as straight as possible. Snip, Snip!

The entire haircut only took about 10-15 minutes. That will vary according to the thickness of the hair you're dealing with. Here's a recap...

steps to cutting long hair
She was IN LOVE with her bouncy new haircut!! So swingy!

haircut after

I hope you found this hair cutting tutorial helpful! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email. There's a contact form at the bottom of the page.

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Thanks so much!! Hope you're having a fabulous week! If you use these tips to cut your daughter's hair, please take the time to drop me a note and let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

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