Homemade Fondant and DIY Grad Cupcake Toppers

If you're looking to save money on your child's graduation, consider making your own cupcakes and even graduation-themed cupcake toppers!

This was my first time making my own fondant, and in future I'll buy it rather than make it because it gave me a lot of problems. Luckily little Diy has been to a few cupcake decorating parties at a local shop, Faboo Cakes, and learned all the basics.

So, armed with my trusty little girl's knowledge, a mountain of powdered sugar and sheer will power, I set to work.

I found this Rolled Buttercream Fondant recipe online at Allrecipes. I chose to use this recipe rather than one using marshmallow creme simply because I happened to have all the ingredients on hand. Then I followed the instructions from Glorious Treats for making the actual graduation caps.

I ended up having to add a LOT more powdered sugar to my DIY fondant because the consistency wasn't right. It was too soft and sticky. It was also really greasy, which I wasn't expecting. I mean, yes it has a lot of Crisco in it but still...

My other problem was in dyeing the fondant. I chose to go with black for the caps and picked a gel food coloring (as suggested). It took a TON of color to make any kind of progress toward black. It was purple for a long time! Maybe my piece of fondant was too big??

I finally got it to the point where I thought it was dark enough and was ready to roll and cut. My fondant was still squishy and not stiff so I had to work additional powdered sugar into it while I was working with it.

Again, unless you're experienced with making your own fondant, I suggest purchasing it pre-made!

So when you look at my rather wonky graduation caps and think they look a little strange...don't judge!! I went through hell and high water to make them!! However, once I added them to the cupcakes, they looked really cute.

cupcake toppers for grad
And I ended up tossing the fondant diplomas I made because they were definitely a fail!! So I rolled up some paper strips instead and tied them with ribbons in my son's school colors. Mounted on toothpicks, they were easy to stick into the icing.

The homemade cupcakes were fabulous, I followed this recipe from Crazy For Crust for perfect vanilla cupcakes. My house smelled like a bakery and although I didn't sample a cupcake, I did lick the batter off a spoon and it was divine!! Once cooled, I put them in the freezer until the graduation party when I'll pull them out and frost them. I'm planning on using the Special Buttercream Frosting recipe from Allrecipes, based on the 911 positive reviews.

Have you made your own fondant before? Or your own fondant cupcake toppers?

homemade fondant grad caps

The edible grad caps were a big hit with my graduate (he ate three!!). Score!

If you're looking for more DIY graduation ideas that are affordable and will save you a ton of money, be sure to check out these posts.

I'll be honest...as fun as the decorating and planning have been...it's also been very emotional and stressful and I've shed a few tears along the way as I've reminisced and thought of how the years have flown by...have I been a good enough mom? did I teach him everything he'll need to know? will he be okay on his own? I know there will be more of that in the days and weeks ahead, but God has his hand on my son and I'm learning to unclench my fists a little more each day. Maybe by the time August 21 rolls around I'll be ready to say goodbye.

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. The graduation caps look great! And I think the fact that you made your own fondant is very impressive. I bet the cupcakes will look great!

    1. Thanks Miss F...I really didn't realize how hard it would be...but once I'd started, I was determined to finish! I've updated the post with the finished cupcakes. They were cute and tasted great. I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by and leave your sweet comment; have a wonderful week!

  2. You went all out girl! I'm sure the party was fabulous and I bet your son loved every minute of it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you...it was a ton of work but I'm glad I did it. The cupcakes and toppers looked a lot better than I thought they would and were mighty tasty! My son had a great time :) Sure appreciate your sweet comments!


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