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Styling Dishes in a Country Hutch

My black country hutch, the first piece of furniture I ever painted with chalk paint, the hutch I scored on Craigslist for only $60 a few years ago, had a couple serious issues.

Sitting at the table one evening recently, I noticed a long crack in one of the inside back walls. There was also a piece of the molding that was separating, having been jarred in our move from FL to TN a year and a half ago.

It bothered me. A lot!

You see, this is the hutch that holds my late mother's entire collection of Royal Albert Lavender Rose bone china dishes - blemish free, each and every piece! It also holds my Ironstone collection that I've been collecting, piece by piece from thrift stores around the country :)

I had visions of my entire country hutch collapsing and all my precious dishes being smashed to smithereens.

It was time to call in the 'muscle'! After dinner one evening, Mr. Diy and I emptied out the entire hutch. The plan was to glue the cracks and use straps that tighten to pull the cracks together and better secure the piece.

Problem was, even though the crack went through to the backside, it didn't affect the supporting pieces. So gluing and strapping and trying to pull it together wouldn't accomplish anything. Mr. Diy took a good look at it, and assured me it was 'sound' and wasn't going to fall apart on me. While he was at it, he did fix the separated molding. What a handy hubby!!

I took the opportunity to rearrange things (dusting was involved too...yuck...but totally necessary) and move the hutch. Previously the hutch was at a slight angle in the corner of the room. We (well, Mr. Diy) moved it back flat against the wall. I had him leave a little over a foot between the hutch and the wall so I could get creative with that little corner :) I have so many tall tiered stands and stools and thought it would be nice to have a little spot for something small there.'s perfect for a vintage scale, cookbook, some ironstone and a birds nest we found in our yard.

After dusting all my china and ironstone, I had fun rearranging it all back into my country hutch. I started with the top. Did you know when you are limited with space you can go UP? It really does make a big difference and adds that country charm that I love in my kitchen.

Just think about all the charming country bakeries you have ever enjoyed a cuppa joe in...they all have baskets and displays on the tops of their shelves and's what adds the feeling of country charm!

I have a large wicker basket and picnic basket that I love up there for the texture. I stacked some of my vintage silver serving trays and a French basket on top of the picnic basket. My cake stands look great stacked up and I included some of my thrift store blue transferware and ironstone that I've collected over time. I love the French farmhouse style that the baskets and the blue and white dishes evoke! Warm texture + cool vintage china = country farmhouse style to me.

Reorganizing my dishes

Inside my country hutch, I moved things around too.

Previously my mother's dishes occupied the top two shelves and I moved them to the lower two. So now my collection of white ironstone (the small pieces that fit; the larger pieces are in the bottom of the hutch) are displayed on the top two shelves of the hutch.

Styling Country Hutch

But maybe my favorite change is what I did on the serving area of the hutch. I've collected white pitchers for awhile and usually display them somewhere high. I used to have the pitchers displayed on the top of my country hutch. I thought I'd try moving them lower and see how I liked it.

Well obviously, I like it...a lot! It's unusual but a great way to show off a favorite collection! And it looks great beside my collection of ironstone in my tiffany blue cabinet that's hanging on the wall next to it.

small change in the kitchen

I am very relieved that  my hutch is sturdy and not in any danger of breaking apart!

ironstone baskets

I'm relieved that my mom's dishes are safe, as well as all my other collectibles.

Styling my country hutch

And I enjoyed spending an hour or so playing with my dishes, dusting my country hutch and styling it so it suits my personality! Who knew dusting could be so much fun?

Have you restyled anything lately? Or set out to clean but ended up redecorating (happens to me all the time).

I appreciate each and everyone of you who takes the time to read my posts and hang out with me for awhile each week! I hope I've inspired you today.

bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Whew! So glad your beautiful dishes are safe! Love how you have styled the hutch!
    ~ Ashley

    1. Oh me too; that would have been a disaster! It was fun to move things around - the dusting...not so much :)

  2. So glad your cupboard isn't in danger of collapsing! Your mother's china is gorgeous as are all your collections. Love the little vignette with the nest too. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Deborah

    1. Wouldn't that be a disaster if all that china broke?! Thanks for stopping by to comment Deborah :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you; it's so fun to see my pretty dishes peeking through the antique glass! I have the itch to paint it, lol, but the family says 'NO' so for now it will stay black :)

  4. Replies
    1. Aw, you are too sweet! I admit it...I am a dish-hoarder and proud of it, lol!


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