Muppets Most Wanted DIY Painted T-Shirts

How to Paint a Muppets Most Wanted T-Shirt

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DIY Muppets Tees

Kermit is behind bars...and Constantine, the World's Number One Enemy (and a dead ringer for Kermit) has taken his place? Has the world gone mad?

Everyone loves the antics of the Muppets, and the highly anticipated Muppets Most Wanted movie is coming out on Blu-Ray Combo Pack and Digital HD on August 12 at!

I decided to get in on the fun and create a couple of Muppets Most Wanted t-shirts for Little DIY and her young friend. They turned out so cute that I'm sharing the tutorial with you today.

Step 1: I found my t-shirts at the Dollar Tree (nothing better than a tee for a buck!). After washing them, I was ready to paint. My designs were taken from Google Images by searching for 'Muppets Coloring Pages'. Coloring Pages are perfect images for this craft because they have thick, dark lines...great for tracing. I chose Fozzie Bear (Wocka Wocka) and Kermit The Frog, my two favorite Muppets characters. When printing images that you find online, please remember to check the copyright first! If they are copyrighted, you cannot use them!

Step 2: After printing my pages, I inserted a thick piece of cardboard into my t-shirt with my coloring page on top of the cardboard. It's difficult to see, but the image is visible through the tee... I lightly traced the design with a pencil.

Step 3: Then it was time to start painting! I used acrylics and a variety of brushes. I squirted my colors onto a paper plate so I'd have them all available and handy. 

I started at the top of my design and painted my way down (so that my arm would never be in contact with wet paint). 

You can see how Fozzie's fur is painted differently from his hat. I used more of a pouncing motion to make it resemble fur. I also mixed several colors together (dark brown, cream, and a little orange and yellow) to mimic the variations in his fur. It's really not as complicated as it looks! The hardest part was painting around his facial features.

Painting Fozzy on a t shirt

To paint Fozzie's face..I started at the top with his eyebrows and worked my way down. It helped having a glass of water and paper towel near me so I could quickly clean my brushes when I needed to switch paint colors. After Fozzie's face was dry, I added some details with black paint (outlining) which really helped him "come alive".

How to Paint Fozzy on a tshirt

Once Fozzie was finished, I set the t-shirt aside to finish drying and got to work on Kermit. Because it's a smaller size t-shirt, I printed Kermit's face smaller and also opted not to add the Most Wanted sign to it. I followed the same method to trace and paint Kermit's face onto the tee.

As you can imagine, painting Kermit went a lot quicker!

It was fun to use bright colors!

Step 4 (optional): I had a unique idea in mind for the bottom of this t-shirt.

Once it was fully dry, I cut the bottom of the t-shirt into 1/4" strips, all the way around. Then I pulled on each strip (this stretches the material, lengthens it a little and causes it to curl slightly...creating a yarn-like shape) and attached beads all around the tee.

The wide hole of these pony beads made it easy to thread them on and then I tied a single knot so they wouldn't slip off. I chose a pattern of green and pink and really like how it complements Kermit.

How to paint Kermit on a tshirt

The beading adds such a fun and whimsical look to this t-shirt! You can see that I added beads to every other strip.

My sweet little model looks so cute, doesn't she?

Kermit DIY tee with beads

I would say that this project qualifies as more Advanced. It's really not hard if you're comfortable with a paintbrush. Of course, the more intricate the design the harder it will be.

(One thing I forgot to mention: If you add Fabric Medium to your paints, it makes your project washable and softer. I didn't have it on hand and decided to do without it. Ironing (no steam) on the back of the design helps to heat set it and make it more durable so that's what I've done.) 
Muppets Most Wanted is fun for the whole family! The Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD movie is packed with dozens of guest cameos, new songs and the most extended, most exclusive scenes not seen in theaters! It's plenty of fun you won't want to miss owning!

Why not paint a Muppets t-shirt for someone special...wearing their tee while watching Muppets Most Wanted is sure to bring a smile to their face...and yours!

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  1. Very cute ideas! I like the addition of the beads on the Kermit t-shirt. And I love how the Fozzie t-shirt has the trailing tie.

    1. Thank you Heather!! It was so fun to see them 'come to life' with the paint! And the beads makes the little shirt extra cute! Thanks so much for stopping by to comment :)


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