Pumpkin Topiary Decor

painted pumpkin topiary signs

I have a bit of a pumpkin obsession, I admit it.

They're just so charming.

I love the plumpness of them, the uniqueness and the variety of colors (especially the heirloom ones).

This fall, pumpkin topiaries were the newest thing. And what's better than a pumpkin topiary?
Watching women put one together!

I spent an afternoon at the Nashville Flea Market with Mr DIY and we marveled at the pumpkins available. They had premade pumpkin topiariesp, but encouraged you to build your own. Women were rushing around, trying out their different pumpkin choices to see if they would fit and cocking their heads to check out the placement, discarding one pumpkin in favor of another. In fact, at one point I picked up a lone pumpkin from the ground and was told, 'that's mine,' by someone standing nearby.

Um, I didn't see your name on it?!

She later discarded it in favor of a 'better' one, so I grabbed it and paid for it before she could change her mind again!

So stacks of pumpkins were on my mind when I was creating signs for a recent craft show, and I decided to paint pumpkin topiaries onto wood.

There are no process pictures today.. just pretty, finished signs.
I sharpened the image of this one below so you can see the texture, both of the wood and the painted pumpkins, each one unique.

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painted pumpkin topiary sign at diy beautify

I used acrylic paints and blended different colors to make my pumpkins look somewhat realistic. I'll be the first to admit that painting is a hobby...I'm not really that great at it! But I like playing around, and painting something cute is pretty darn fun!

painted pumpkin topiary sign at diy beautify

Once the paint dried I waxed them for durability.

I love them on my rustic Fall mantle.

painted pumpkin topiary at www.diybeautify.com

DIY pumpkin projects are my favorite way to spend time crafting in the Fall. Here are a few more pumpkin crafts to inspire you:

pumpkin inspiration at www.diybeautify.com
(clockwise from top left)


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