Valentines Day Dessert

How to make Perfect Pavlova for Valentines Day

Easy and Impressive Valentines day dessert

The DIY beautify household has recently become addicted to Pavlova!


Well..... have you tried it?

This might be the perfect dessert....light and airy meringue, slightly crunch and sticky...

...paired with chocolate and strawberries, it's a perfect Valentines treat for the peeps you love!

And it's really simple to make. The ingredient list is short...

Egg whites, sugar, vanilla, lemon and cornstarch

There are a million recipes out there, but I followed this one from All Recipes.

I made a large Pavlova the first time, which we cut into wedges...

...but for Valentines Day, these mini meringues topped with whip cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup are not only tasty, but a delicious way to say, "I love you!"!

Here's how to ensure your individual meringues are just the size you want.

How to make mini meringues or Pavlova
After baking the meringues, let them cool (which won't take long because they're so light and airy).

They will turn slightly brown, which is part of the baking process (but also a consequence of adding the vanilla, I think). Don't worry...we'll be mounding them with sweetened whip cream!

perfect pavlova

Add berries of your choice (kiwi and blueberries are wonderful too)...then drizzle with chocolate syrup and serve.

Perfect Pavlova

It's really hard to say no to a dessert as impressive as this one! Your family will thank you...and if they're like mine...beg you to make it again tomorrow!

Of course, you can make this delicious treat anytime, you don't have to wait for Valentines Day to come around again...good thing!


Join me here on Friday when I'll be sharing a sweet (and unusual) popcorn snack recipe that is soo good...and makes a wonderful treat for Valentines Day!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. You are amazing! I think I might just try this ! Thanks Cindy ! Xox


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