DIY Easter Napkins

DIY Easter napkins DIY beautify

It was very strange putting together an Easter post in the middle of a snowstorm last week! The snow may be all melted now....but when I was writing this post, we were 'snowed in'!
What that means here in middle TN is that we got about an inch of snow, and then a bunch of freezing rain and then a little bit more snow. And it actually stayed. On.The.Ground (totally unheard of here!). So the schools were canceled, roads were closed and people were advised to stay home. We don't have snow plows and other equipment to deal with this type of weather because it's not a regular thing around these here parts (said with a Canadian/Tennessean accent!)

So while school was out for the week, the pantry and fridge supplies were quickly dwindling, and I was trying to motivate myself to work in the midst of this strange interruption in my schedule with my kids in the house (my plans hadn't included listening to 'Jessie', 'Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn' or  'Liv and Maddie' but that seemed to be on someone else's schedule), I was working on this post. It's really really hard to be writing a post about spring when you're grumpy, cold and there's snow on the ground...and teenage angst playing in the background!

I powered through.
(thank you Coke Zero and my little bottle of maraschino cherries!
You are a match made in heaven!)

Back to the topic of Spring...and Easter. I was putting together a roundup of a few of my favorite things for a giveaway coming up in a few weeks (be watching for that) and I realized how much these little towels reminded me of Spring, with their duck-egg blue like color and their wispy eyelet trim...and when I tried them out with some of my ironstone plates, I was thrilled with how well they worked. So I'm calling them DIY Easter Napkins!

I paired them with my painted gingham eggs from last Easter and my painted striped mason jars from last year's Spring Mantel, and they look so charming together, don't they? I'm kind of in love with this color of blue! It's soft and serene and very calming.

These DIY Easter Napkins are fun and so easy to make. Want to make your own? I'll walk you through the steps (be warned, you will need a sewing machine and you'll need to be able to sew a straight line, lol - quite doable if all you're drinking is Coke with cherries!).

Ok, let's get to it. I found my towels at Target. They were called 'bar towels', so they're a little smaller than a dish towel because they're intended for cleaning glasses, but that makes them a great size for a jumbo Easter napkin!

The other thing you'll need are trims of your choice. I already had some various eyelet trims in my stash. I also had a few pieces of white cotton from a sheet that I had used for another craft, so I used a strip from the sheet to make a ruffle for one of the towels.

First thing to do...wash and dry your towels! I used to be much lazier than I am today...and I still have a whole quilt set that I made and won't use because I'm terrified of washing it and having it all shrink up on me. Why? You quessed it...because I didn't wash any of the fabric before I meticulously cut and pieced an entire queen-size quilt! Can you even believe it?? So please please please WASH your towels first!

Once your towels are dry, fold the raw edges of your trim under, pin in place and sew onto one of the towel edges. That's it. You can see that I handled the cotton strip a little differently. I folded it in half lengthwise and ironed well. Then I ran two basting stitches along the raw edge and pulled those to create my ruffle (if you have a ruffle foot on your machine, by all means use that!). It took a bit of work to get it the exact size of my towel with the ruffles even, but once I had it the way I wanted it, I pinned it in place and sewed right over my basting stitches and didn't even remove those.

Some of the towels got two layers of trim and some I left with just one; they're all different. They look so pretty with everything! In the kitchen, in the bathroom, as little decorative touches throughout the home.Get ready Mr DIY, I'll be adding ruffles to your jeans if you're not careful, hehe!

I love these little towels best for Easter because the stripes and color are reminiscent of a painted Easter egg.

how to make Easter napkins from bar towels

This project is part of the March #MakeIt Challenge; I hope you'll take a minute now and visit some of the other wonderful bloggers in this challenge and check out their beautiful Easter projects!

Easter Project Challenge DIY beautify

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  1. You used one of my favorite color combinations - blue and white! Very pretty!

    1. Oh, it is mine too...there's just something about it isn't there? Thanks Bonnie!

  2. I love these. They are beautiful colors and would make a great addition to every Easter table!

  3. Great napkins!!!, and a very springy table!
    I know what you mean about cold..I am a music minister and have my choir working hard on our Easter music. Yesterday it was miserable cold and rainy. I made the comment that we needed to work hard because time was getting shorter. One of the guys looked out the window and said "yeah, spring is right around the corner!" Cracked us all up :^)
    I told them to be thankful for the cold and rain, because all too soon it will be hotter and drier than a desert!!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Hi Cindy!
    Cherries are the best in soda right?! I love your style and you always make things that would look so good in my home decor as well. My house is decorated with this blue...white, silver, this project came out gorgeous! #MakeIt

    ~Be Sweet

  5. Oh my ... these napkins are absolutely adorable, Cindy!! I love your style, too! So pretty, classic, and stunning!!

  6. Your napkins are so beautiful! I love them with the pitcher. I heard a lot about the snowstorm in TN last week. My parents said the ice was pretty bad one day. You brought back memories for me about how everyone freaked out about snow. Here in DC now, I get 6-10 fairly regularly and don't' even sweat it anymore.

    1. I grew up in Canada Rachel, so I know snow! We're bracing for another ice storm tonight.

  7. I just love your napkins! And you are very resourceful :)

    1. Haha, thanks might be the more accurate word! So glad you like the napkins.

  8. The are so sweet! Thanks for sharing them with us at The Creative Circle. They make such a pretty little setting.

    1. Thanks Kathy! I appreciate your comments and the time you took to stop by :)


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