Fabric Woven Basket

Let me show you how easy it is to use fabric strips to weave a metal basket to make it more functional.

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Today's post is a long way from a July 4th  project! I've inundated your inbox with red, white and blue DIY projects recently, including my easy patriotic pinwheels and my Fourth of July mantel.

I'm ready for some pink, how 'bout you?

This project couldn't be simpler. Don't believe me? Read on for the details and all the instructions!

I've had my wire trash can for years now, and been frustrated with its functionality for just as long.

I bought it because it's cute.

BUT...unless an open-weave basket or trash can comes with a liner, it's really hard to keep it cute. Stuff keeps wanting to fall out...or get stuck in the holes!

If you line it with a trash bag, then it just looks ugly.

I set out to make a permanent, solid basket that still looked cute, using just strips of fabric.

This is a NO GLUE project!

Supplies Used

TIP on fabric choice...lighter, thinner fabric will be easier to weave than thicker,  upholstery-like fabric!

How to use fabric to weave a wire basket

Step One:

  • wash and dry your fabric first!
  • snip the edge of your fabric on the short side every 2 inches (cutting through any hem that is there)

Step Two:

  • rip your fabric into long, even strips
  • depending on the size of your basket, you'll need more or less than I used (which was about 40 strips - I tore the long edges of a twin sheet)

Step Three:

  • tie the end of one strip to the wire basket at the bottom, making sure knot is tight and on the inside
  • weave fabric over and under the wire, pulling snug
  • when you reach the end of your strip, knot it to another strip and keep going
  • push down on the fabric as you go, ensuring a tight weave

Step Four:

  • once you've woven it as high as you want to take it, tie it off with a knot and tuck the knot under a strip on the inside
  • remember...you want to keep all the knots on the inside!
  • tighten all knots and trim excess fabric or tuck it in from the inside so you have a flat surface
The fabric I used kind of has a Lilly Pulitzer look, doesn't it?

Now when I insert an ugly plastic grocery stack to protect my beautiful woven basket, no one will see it!

It wasn't until I'd finished that I realized I had a lap quilt in the same shades of pink and green!

It's almost too pretty to use... almost!

There are so many gorgeous fabrics available at Hobby Lobby, even Walmart...pick one that matches your decor for a custom trash can like no-one else! You'll need maybe a yard or so.

Or make a set of matching baskets for your office supplies using wire baskets. They would look so cute sitting on an open shelf!

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  1. I love pink white and green. So pretty!

  2. There's just something about pink and green together Cindy. Such a shabbilicious duo and a very pretty project. Thanks for sharing on Shabbilicious Friday. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow's party. Hugs ~ Kerryanne

    1. I agree Kerryanne, I love this combo too! Thanks so much for the feature!!

  3. I originally saw t his on Hometalk and fell in love with it. Perfectly matches thecomforter too! And of course it is much more practical than having all those holes! Fantastic job!

    1. Thanks Mary, yes...way more practical this way, lol!

  4. Wow... you have given your readers a nice tutorial...simple but the idea you got must be applauded... nice basket, pretty cute too!!...great you made it functional...

  5. I sure was inspired! Pretty and practical!

  6. Love your ideas, very simple to follow instructions. Thanks for sharing it!


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