How to Make a Burlap Petal Wreath

This budget-friendly burlap petal wreath is so easy to make and is just stunning! Follow this tutorial to make your own!
  easy burlap petal wreath
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I admit that I'm a wreath junkie! If you come to my home, you'll always find a wreath on the front door - but you'll find wreaths inside my home too! They hang on the mantle, windows, even mirrors. I can't seem to get enough wreaths in my life!

I want to share this unique petal wreath, made from burlap. It's different from so many other burlap wreaths out there, but is still quick and easy and would make a fabulous gift for someone on your Christmas list (or even just for you!).

And like all my DIY projects and crafts, this one is easy on the wallet and looks better than something you could buy (for a lot less!). You can purchase most of the supplies from your local Walmart! Total cost is about $15.

Supplies Needed:

How to make a Burlap Petal Wreath

Step 1: Wrap Wreath

Leave the plastic on your wreath form (it's less mess that way) and wrap the wreath form with a long strip of burlap. Tack in place with floral pins.

Step 2: Cut burlap into squares

Using the other roll of burlap, cut equal squares. You'll need the whole roll so go ahead and cut them all out. I find it easiest to begin by folding the burlap until the edges meet and cut on the line where you see the scissors.

Step 3: Make petals and pin to wreath

Okay, the prep is done and it's time to start creating the wreath.

To make a petal from one of the burlap squares, you fold it in half, corner to corner. Next, you fold in the sides, overlapping them slightly. Attach to wreath form with a floral pin. These pictures should help.

I started with the inside of my wreath and added all the petals. Then I did the outside, and finally the middle.

Once you've pinned the first petal on, the next one will lay over top of it, hiding the pin. This overlapping is what creates fullness.

You can see how the final row in the middle finishes it off.

I added a pretty bow and here it is, hung up on the old window in my office.

It's so pretty, and easy to make! I hope you're inspired to make a burlap petal wreath yourself!

I hope you are enjoying this busy time of year! Why not take a break from the baking and shopping and decorating and make a wreath!

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