Dry Erase Magnetic Memo Board from an old Picture

How to turn a discarded frame into a functional dry erase memo board! A perfect upcycle project to keep you organized!
DIY memo board

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Have you ever tried to downsize? It's tough, isn't it?

I've been purging and paring down on the huge amount of craft product I own in an effort to make my new office as organized as possible. My goal was to create a space where I can relax, think and breathe (and blog)...as opposed to stressing out in a chaotic space surrounded by a mess!

One of the projects I've completed for my new office is this large, 2' x 3' DIY dry erase memo board.

My father-in-law was taking some trash to the dump when he spotted several old pictures that had been discarded and he brought them home for me! 'I know Cindy can do something with these' he told my mom-in-law. I love it that my family members know I can see potential in ugly pieces.

I brought the outdated pictures home and got to work on them. The frames, while dusty, dingy and ugly, were in excellent structural condition. I disassembled one of the pictures and enhanced the gold on the frame with one of my favorite products. You can see that upcycled frame here.

In need of a place to write my 'to-do' list and notes to myself, I turned another one of the frames into a functional memo board for my office.

Did you know that glass makes a wonderful dry-erase surface? It's easy to write on and a cinch to clean!

Here is the outdated picture that was rescued from the dump...would you have spotted the potential? I especially like the detail on the frame. The monkey...not so much!


With a little paint, some wrapping paper, cork and a piece of galvanized metal sheeting, I turned it into this dry erase memo board for my office. I'm sharing the links to the products I used below, as well as several tips to help you get the best results.

DIY magnetic memo board

It stayed like this for awhile, until I admitted to myself that the polka dots were too distracting and made it too difficult to read my notes while sitting at my desk.

So I took it apart yet again, and spray painted the back of the glass with a pale turquoise.

before and after

That totally did the trick and I love the results! Because the paint is on the backside, there is no fear of it scratching. My handwriting shows up much better now on the milky-looking blue glass.

When I reassembled the frame, I decided to move the galvanized metal piece to the top and I think it functions better this way. I am loving the soft touch of color on this DIY memo board.

DIY magnetic memo board

Another item saved from the landfill! Another project to check off my to-do list for my office makeover!

memo board with magnetic and dry erase surfaces


  • Save the original picture and the backing when you take the picture apart; I found it ideal to reuse to hold the glass in place again...and no one will see the back!
  • Unless you really want to, there is no need to wax or poly the frame...especially if you like the matte look of the chalk paint. 
  • Before spray painting on the glass, clean the glass well. Spray several light coats, shaking the can often during spraying.

If you're interested in completing this simple project, here are the supplies that I used.

Supplies Used:

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  1. What a transformation! Love it.

  2. I'm such a sucker for anything that can keep me organized and love how simple this one is to make! I'm pinning to make for myself soon!

    Thank you so much for linking up with The DIY Collective! Please join us again next week!

    1. Thanks Ashley, it was mind blowing when I realized I could use glass as a dry erase board!


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