Graduation Memory Wreath

This easy graduation memory wreath is a great project to celebrate the milestones of your graduate and is a perfect budget friendly decoration for a grad party.
Updated 4/2024
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Graduation is a time to celebrate, reflect and look forward. I made a neutral version of my popular  graduation memory wreath to celebrate the achievement of my middle son who will graduate and receive his high school diploma this week.

How to Make a Budget Friendly Grad Memory Wreath  

I warn you, making a memory wreath is both wonderful...and heart-wrenching! You see your child grow up again, in just minutes. And it can take your breath away!

If this wreath could talk...oh, the stories it could tell!

It would tell you about a little boy with a big smile and soft, blonde hair. 

print small pictures

A little boy who had no fear. Who gave his parents more than their share of near-heart-attacks with his crazy stunts and adventurous spirit.

trim pictures

It would tell you about a little boy in a bike helmet, riding his tricycle like it was a Motocross event!

Skinned knees, stitches, bruises....and a big smile!

A little boy with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in his eyes.

hot glue to wreath base

A little boy who was all-heart. 

Who was selfless and kind,  silly and goofy.

A little guy who dreamed of growing up and playing football...

...who wanted to sell cars for $1 so that everyone could afford one!

A little boy who grew up into a young man all too quickly!

A young man with his whole future ahead of him!

A young man who still hugs his mom and tells her he loves her.

A young man who starts a job next week, and college in the fall.

A young man, but in the eyes of his mom...he's still her little boy!

Rather than using the original photos, I printed copies of photos in black and white right from my home printer. I used cream-colored card stock and printed all the pictures roughly the same size.


I created the wreath the same way I did the original one using colored pictures. You can find that tutorial here.

There was a lot of reflection going on as I chose these pictures and created this graduation memory wreath. I believe a tear or two was shed as I reminisced and thought about how fast this young man grew up! I am so proud of my son and the fine man he has grown into!

Want more more budget friendly graduation ideas?

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black and white graduation memory wreath

We'll be celebrating with family and friends this weekend!

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  1. On Cindy! How can this be?? Hard to believe how your kids have grown....soryy we haven't been able to be a part of their proud your MOM and DAD would be!!!! What a beautiful gift idea! I LOVE IT!! You are one talented young lady!!
    We celebrate our 40th in July... I remember how old you were at our wedding....doesn't seem possible... the little blondie I babysat so many tears ago-celebrating her middle sons graduation.....where has the time gone??
    Best wishes, love and hugs to all
    Aunty Norma


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