Creating Fall at the Beach

I recently found myself far out of my comfort zone...our family just relocated from TN to TX a week ago - a BIG move! We have been given the use of a fabulous beach house while we house hunt. So it kinda feels like summer because it's still really hot here on the Texas Gulf Coast...and the beach is less than a block away...and it's sunny...and hot! And while I'm LOVING it, I was craving a little FALL, so I figured out a way to bring some Fall to the beach! This is a great way to use found objects whether you live at the beach or not!

painted shells and driftwood
This is where we're's a cute, comfortable 3-bedroom beach house! With air conditioning!living at a beach house

And this is what's just down the street...

Fall at the TX Gulf coast

Fall at the beach

I have this little obsession when I'm at the beach. While I love to lay in the sun, and enjoy jumping the waves, my very favorite thing to walk the beach and comb the shoreline for treasures!

I'm a collector, and whether it's shells, rocks, or sea glass, I love to collect and display my found objects around our home!

So while I've been enjoying the beach, collecting stuff and craving all came together in this painting project...bringing a little taste of Fall to the beach house.

Supplies Needed for Bringing Fall to the Beach

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When I found out that the movers packing up our TN house wouldn't allow any liquid, I immediately packed all my paints into boxes and connived Mr DIY to bring them in the car ("think of all the money we'll save if I don't have to buy all new paints" was a very convincing argument!!)

supplies for painting rocks, shells and driftwood

How to Create Fall at the Beach

I washed the sand off and let everything sit overnight to dry.

Pumpkins are my favorite thing to create and decorate with for Fall...I've created shabby chenille pumpkins, burlap pumpkins from dollar store supplies, pumpkins from cozy Goodwill sweaters, unique wood slice pumpkins and get the picture, I love pumpkins!

So why not shell pumpkins, and painted rock pumpkins? The shape doesn't even really matter because you can paint a pumpkin onto anything!

The how-to couldn't be simpler. Squirt a small amount of paint into a paper plate, and use a small detail brush to draw a pumpkin shape.

Fill the pumpkin shape in with paint. The rocks needed a second coat of paint, but the shells took just one.

Add a stem, and a leaf and a curly vine or two...set aside to dry.

how to paint pumpkins onto shells and rocks

I don't think there are many things more enjoyable than sitting on the deck of a beach house, listening to the waves crash on the shore, while creating something!

My artist's heart was at complete peace!

pumpkins painted onto rocks and shells

I added a simple greeting to the driftwood pieces I found on the beach.
Creating fall at the beach
This was such a simple project, but it is a great way to combine the texture of found objects with the bright colors of Fall! Seashells and rocks make adorable pumpkins!

how to create fall at the beach

The stairs leading up to the beach house were the ideal place to display my painted pumpkin shells and rocks and welcome others to Fall at the beach.

fall at the beach

painted driftwood and pumpkins

It may not feel like Fall here at the beach, but at least it's starting to look a little like Fall!

fall at the beach

I hope you're enjoying Fall, whatever the weather is like where you live! What is your favorite Fall project to use in your home?

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Very clever! I too am trying to create some fall at the beach! Love the way you scattered everything on the stair way-

  2. awww....I know how you feel, we had to move from texas to sc and I was so homesick and craving the warm weather. thankfully we moved back home to TX near the gulf coast as well :-) I hope you are enjoying it more here now.


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