Beach Glass Pumpkin

This project is a result of what happens when a creative person relocates, packs away all their possessions in storage and moves to the beach (temporarily) while house hunting. I found a way to create fall, even at the beach and am excited to share this DIY beach glass pumpkin with you today! If you love this project but don't live near a beach, no can purchase beach glass at craft stores and online!

beach glass pumpkin

Sometimes creativity cannot be contained!

As we've been enjoying our temporary stay at the beach, I've been collecting beach glass. I had no real intention to do anything terribly creative with it (other than display it)...when tropical storm Hermine started playing havoc with the tides.

Low tide just kinda disappeared...for days...and my beach-combing for white, blue and green beach glass yielded nothing...nada.

What I did find, interestingly, were a select few pieces of brown beach glass...a color I had previously snubbed and not planned on collecting. But when you're desperate for a project, you start to see items with new eyes!

I played around with the placement of the glass and saw a little pumpkin start to take shape!

turn collected beach glass into a pumpkin

Of course, then my beach-combing efforts doubled as I needed to find that one last piece!

supplies for a beach glass pumpkin

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Take the frame apart. Trace the inside mat onto a piece of burlap paper (or other specialty paper you want for your background) and cut out.

trace photo mat onto burlap paper

Glue the burlap to the backboard piece. I didn't use the mat at it for another project!

Trim burlap paper to fit and replace backing into frame.

Glue the pumpkin shape to the front of the glass.

I found that last piece of brown beach glass, and had to rearrange my pieces a little to make it work.

turn collected pieces of beach glass into a pumpkin

Glue the top piece first, then move your way around the pumpkin shape, adding the beach glass carefully to make sure placement is right.

adding glue to glass pieces

My favorite thing about beach/sea glass is that no two pieces are alike! Different shapes, and varying lengths of time getting tossed and tumbled in the salt water means that each piece is unique...but they're all beautiful!

A little spiritual lesson there if you think about it :)

glue beach glass to a frame for a DIY pumpkin

I ended up using a larger piece of green beach glass for the stem, as well as a small leaf shape.

how to make a beach glass pumpkin

At the last minute I decided to paint my frame bright turquoise! The black frame was just too dark. All my chalk paint is sitting in a box in the beach house, so I grabbed a brush and got to work. Two coats of paint later, a little distressing with a sanding sponge brought out the black of the frame and my little beach glass pumpkin was finished!

This beach glass pumpkin turned out so cute, don't you think?

DIY beach glass pumpkin

I'm loving it displayed with these heirloom-painted pumpkins that I'll be sharing next week!

beach glass pumpkin and painted faux pumpkins

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create a pumpkin from collected beach glass
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