Easy T-Shirt Yarn Christmas Tree

If you haven't heard, t-shirt yarn is all the rage in home decor! Stop throwing out your old t-shirts; recycle them into cute decor for your home! I can't wait to show you how easy it is to make a darling winter white Christmas tree from an old t-shirt!

t-shirt Christmas tree

Okay, so t-shirt yarn. Have you heard of it? You can cut a t-shirt so it makes one really long strip. When you pull the strip, it stretches and rolls, creating 'yarn'. Believe it or not, you can knit with this yarn and make cool rugs or potholders as well as other items.

I've used t-shirt yarn to decorate plain flip flops.

Today, I want to show you how to make a Christmas tree using the yarn from just one old t-shirt. I might have raided Mr DIY's closet to find a t-shirt...luckily it wasn't his favorite one 😉

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DIY Christmas tree from t-shirt yarn
I love the texture of this tree...it looks and feels soft and will make a great addition to your holiday decorating. Of course you can use any color you like. I've seen similar trees at stores for $15 and up, but making your own is a significant savings...you can make a whole forest of them!

Tip: if you're making a lot of trees, cut your own cone shapes to save money. They won't be as sturdy as the craft kind, but they'll be just fine for this craft!

Here is what you need to make this Christmas tree.

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STEP ONE: Cut your t-shirt into a long strip following the above tutorial. I cut mine 2-3 inches wide because I wanted larger, chunkier rolls. After stretching it, you can go ahead and roll into balls just to make it easier to work with.

t-shirt yarn

Get your glue gun heating up and put something down to protect your work surface.

STEP TWO: Starting at the bottom of the tree, apply a line of glue and attach the end of the yarn.

start gluing

The t-shirt I used wasn't a really stretchy fabric, so I had to help it roll a little bit. I glued it in small, 2-3 inch sections. I wanted the brown cone to be completely covered, so I glued it all the way around.

You'll notice as you get to the end of one row that you'll have to angle the yarn upwards to continue on to a new row. Don't worry about how this looks...it will be covered by the next layer!

glue and wrap

Keep on gluing, gluing, gluing!

STEP THREE: Once you reach the top of your cone, glue the yarn down to secure it to the top and then carry on wrapping the cone, but this time you're going down, overlapping some of the untidier sections that you did previously.

This is a great time to cover any brown spots showing through from the base. I used less glue this time, only gluing where I wanted to secure the yarn.

This second layer is what adds the great chunky texture of the tree. Once you reach the end of your yarn, simply tuck it under the edge of another layer and glue it down.

make a Christmas tree from an old t-shirt!

And that's all there is to it! I love the way this recycled t-shirt becomes a darling Christmas tree!

t-shirt yarn Christmas tree

No one will ever guess it started life as a t-shirt!

Go ahead and add fairy lights or decorate your tree if you want.

DIY Christmas tree

But it looks just as pretty left plain and  unadorned.

easy Christmas tree craft

So before you take all your old t-shirts to the thrift store (or toss them out), give them a second chance to become inexpensive Christmas decor!

If you try this t-shirt yarn Christmas tree, please be sure to let me know! I'd love to hear what you think about this easy craft!

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