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Some of you are probably snowed in right now, or at least tucked up with a blanket trying to stay warm! Here in Texas we enjoyed a week of winter-type weather (after several days of 80° it was a shock to wake up to 30°...and now we're back up to high-70's!) I thought it might be a nice change of pace to share my images from our fall shopping excursion to Round Top. If you love watching Fixer Upper, you'll know that this is one of Chip and Joanna's favorite antiques market.

For a tiny town (population is less than 100), they sure know how to do it up big, Texas-style! Round Top hosts 2 fairs annually, spring and fall, and is a great place to find something fabulous and unexpected for your home.

Round Top globe lights | diy beautify
These amazing globe lights are made by Tony of Rust in Peace. Mr Diy and I attended Round Top with some friends who have known Tony for years, so we got to hang out with him in his booth and sit on his chairs when we needed a break from walking, walking, walking!

He makes these incredible lights from unexpected items like vintage commercial mixer blades and hello gorgeous roofing vent lights! Tony is a master at turning rust into beauty!

Roofing vent light fixtures at Round Top  |  diy beautify

vintage mixer light fixtures

I love the eclectic mix of offerings at Round Top. You really can find anything for your home, from global antiquities...

shabby chic antiques

to shabby chic treasures.

shabby chic antiques at Round Top  |  diy beautify

Or even a darling puppy wearing pearls, worn out from a full day of welcoming customers!

Round Top TX sleeping puppy

There are reproductions...

Round Top antique finds

and true antiques.

Round Top vintage finds

Shopping at Round Top TX  |  diy beautify

Inspiration in every corner!

Home decor inspiration at Round Top  |  diy beautify

shopping Round Top antiques market  |  diy beautify

Did you spot the items I purchased?

This antique blueberry picking tote was just the right price!

antique blueberry picking tote  |  diy beautify

And I love the reproduction butter molds!

reproduction butter mold  |  diy beautify

I found so much inspiration for decorating my home at Round Top; it might just be my new happy place! I'm so glad we live within driving distance, and I'm looking forward to attending their spring fair.

Have you ever been to Round Top or do you want to go?

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  1. Cindy , THANK YOU for the delightful photos of Round Top; I would LOVE to go! It looks like my kind of place! The items you chose look fabulous in your home !
    Bebe, from SW Georgia

    1. You are so welcome Bebe! There was so much to see, you could spend all week and probably not see it all! Thank you for taking the time to comment 😊

  2. Cindy, I found your blog not long ago and have enjoyed reading. I also live in TX and wife of a pastor. We have been in TX over ten years and haven't made Round Top yet, but hope to this year. I have a question if you don't mind, what is the name of the font you use to watermark your photos?

    1. Hi Susan, I'm so glad to have you following along! You will love Round Top, it is literally miles of amazing home decor and 'junk'! Would love to know where you are in TX! The font I use is 'Octavia'. I purchased it when I did my blog redesign last August.

  3. Hi Cindy, we are in Humble, the suburbs of Houston! Any where are you? Thanks by the way for the font name!

    1. Susan, we are about an hour south of Houston in Lake Jackson.

  4. ohhhh I have never been to round top market now I wanna go! and btw i'm In League City - bout 30 min south of Houston.

    1. You will love it Lisa...so much inspiration! Sounds like we're about 30 minutes from each other!

  5. Hi Cindy, hubs and I are planning a trip :) I would say bout 30 minutes away sounds right! :) :)

    1. You will love it Lisa! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes!!


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