Simple Decor Idea for Valentines Day and a Fiddle Leaf Fig Story

This post is a little random today. I want to share a simple decor idea for Valentines Day with you. But I also need to ramble on a bit about fiddle leaf figs (specifically what not to do to ensure their success) and a few other random bits and pieces! Read on to find out what happened to my fiddle leaf fig tree.
how not to care for a fiddle leaf fig

In case you didn't know, fiddle leaf fig trees (ficus lyrata) are the bomb in home decorating right now! Don't believe me? Check this out.

Fiddle leaf fig trees (affiliate link) are quite finicky to grow and they are fairly expensive...probably both those traits are what make them so popular in home decor!

True story...I killed a fiddle leaf fig tree!

This beautiful plant was leftover from the previous owner and living on our back patio. We got one night of frost and I forgot to bring him into the house! All those gorgeous green leaves turned brown and fell off.

We think that he might come back, but it's going to be a long time before he looks as good as he once did.

I was quite upset as you can imagine!

Mr DIY felt my pain, and he went hunting for a replacement fig to help me deal with the agony...he came home with this little guy which he got for free!

fiddle leaf fig baby plant

It wasn't marked and apparently had been left on a shelf, all alone, waiting to die. Some of the leaves are in bad shape, but there are a few that aren't.

Today I talked to him while I carefully dusted his leaves. I'm hoping he will surprise us all and grow to astronomical proportions! Right now he's a little droopy, and just under 2 feet tall. Little DIY thinks I've taken leave of my senses because I'm talking to plants...but I've heard it's good for I'll continue to have daily chats while I check on him...and his big bald brother!

In other news...

I think I mentioned that I bought my first DSLR camera recently, a Nikon D5500. I also got a prime lens and have been experimenting with's a little reverse bokeh. Pretty cool right?

learning dslr

I have a lot to learn about photography as I'm a total newbie. But I'm eager to improve. If you've taken a photography class and highly recommend it, I'd love to know.

Rambling on to the next topic: this week I have a painter coming to give me a quote for painting my dark dungeon (aka the family room).

The whole room is wood paneling and there's a monstrous bookcase that takes up an entire wall.

I was going to tackle it myself, but have been having a lot of back issues and think I'd be better off calling in an expert! You can see the existing room as well as my design dream for this space here.

And finally, some simple Valentines decorating in the dining room!

Remember these pillows from Christmas, with their bright holly wraps that I made using a stencil. I simply removed the wraps and laid a white felt heart on top.

simple Valentines day idea

Okay, I know...simple might actually be overstating it!

But when something works, and it takes all of 2 seconds...go for it! I also hung a boxwood wreath on the wall.

when spring and valentines collide!

I found hyacinths today and just couldn't leave the store without buying a couple..totally thrifty at only $1 a piece! They may not really go with the Valentines decor, but I like to embrace eclectic!

And they make me smile!


The bright green leaves makes my home feel downright spring-like, which is not that hard to imagine after the gorgeous weather we've been having!

I sat on my deck under our amazing pecan tree and admired the sheer size of it! You can still see some pecans hanging on.

pecan tree

After the freak freeze that killed Mr Fiddle, this warm weather is so nice.  I think our TX winter might be over!

Here's a little pic of our family, all together over Christmas break. I must say that it's nice to be able to enjoy the beach all year long!

Texas winter at the beach!

Thanks for letting me ramble on today...if you have any tips for growing fiddle leaf figs I would love to hear them!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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  1. Good morning from Lisbon, Portugal. I read that the fiddle leaf fig should be watered only once a week and only with a cup of water. It also doesn't like being moved. Hope you can save it. Have a nice day.

    1. Hi Maria, I'm so happy you stopped by! I have read that about the 1 cup once/week and keeping it in the same location. I set my alarm to remind me every week to water...we'll see what happens! Thanks for commenting!

  2. No tips about the fiddle leaf fig from me. I can grow absolutely anything outside but inside is another story. I think so often indoor plants are meant to be tropical and it's just too dry in the house...that's my guess.

    I'm glad you are enjoying our Texas winters. You never know what to expect though. :)

    1. Stacey, I'm new to fiddle leaf figs too! This plant was doing wonderfully outside...that darn freeze! So I'm going to try it inside the house and we'll see if it comes back. You are right, TX winters are bizarre...each day is different!


    Here you can learn more about Fiddle Leaf Figs
    Xoxo Elisabete

  4. Your hyacinths look fab! I love to decorate with hyacinths too, they last so much longer than cut flowers. Oh and good luck with your fig tree! :)

    1. Thanks Sam, the hyacinths bloomed and smelled sooo good! No signs of green from the bald fiddle leaf yet, but the small one is looking good!


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