How to Update a Basket with Paint

Update a basket or fishing creel with paint!

paint off stripes

Are you old enough to remember hand-me-downs? They were usually clothes that didn't fit right, but your mom made you wear them anyway! I still have nightmares about a pair of checkered corduroy pants that were passed down to me!

I'm all about budgeting and saving when someone asks if I want something, I usually say yes! 

I was offered this little fishing creel basket by a friend of my m-i-l, and while I love the size and style of it, I wasn't crazy about the colors woven around the top.

So what did I do?

Painted it of course!

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I was eager to try some samples of Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint that I'd received. As is usually the case with one of my projects, this one morphed into something unexpected as I got into it!

The initial plan was to dry brush the whole basket, but as I looked at it more closely, I really liked the color of the basket...all except for those 90's country stripes along the top! 

So after taping off the colored stripes, I painted them with Wise Owl's Limestone which is a pale gray.

basket painted with Wise Owl Synthesis Paint | diy beautify

Three coats later...

paint a basket

The light grey wasn't completely covering those stubborn country colors, so I finished it off with a layer of darker gray called Smokey Quartz. I loved this paint, the colors are so pretty and it went on very nicely. And it dried fast!

One of the things I like to do with a lot of my home decor projects is to personalize them. 

Mr DIY and I were married in 1992, so I added a painted '92' using the background of some number stickers I had on hand. A quick pounce of paint was all it took!

add a special date to a painted basket

I sanded the painted areas slightly so it didn't look quite so new, and then I added some dark wax on the entire basket. 

Oh, and the basket got a new leather button closure too!

painted stripes on basket

These simple changes made the fishing creel basket more my style. It suits the farmhouse decor in my kitchen now, rather than looking like it was a decade or two behind the times!

Please PIN this image for future reference!

The country colors on this basket were updated with paint!
I've hung the painted basket on a peg shelf in my kitchen that's just inside the door. It's a great place to store sunglasses and sunblock!

updated basket

Cute storage is one of my favorite things!

painted basket

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This project is a quick way to update an ugly basket! Next time you spot a cheap basket at the thrift store or a yard sale, don't turn away because you don't like the color!

You can easily paint it and make it suit your style!

Have you done this before?

Disclosure: I was provided samples by Wise Owl Synthesis Paint to use in this post. As always, all opinions included are my own!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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