Laundry Room Cabinet Makeover

Painting a laundry room cabinet with chalk paint for a whole new look

painting laundry room cabinet

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Friends, I have had one of those know the kind...where nothing goes as planned!

If you'll recall, I'm working through a $100 room challenge with some blogger friends during the month of March. Today's post is Week 3.

This cabinet, which should have been a pretty simple makeover, had me over a barrel! Added to that challenge was a major attack of seasonal allergies with a side of sinus infection...and I'm just happy to say I got this thing painted!

We took it off the wall for me to paint, because the plan was to lower it anyway so I could actually reach inside!

My first order of business was to fill in the gap between the molding at the top and the cabinet sides.

caulk to fill gaps

I used paintable caulk to fill in these gaps.

I thought I'd get the painting done in a day (two at most), especially with the cabinet being off the wall.

I'd even learned my lesson from painting an oak cabinet without priming first, and I thought I was good to go.

Or so I thought.

I degreased the cabinet with my favorite spray degreaser and started painting on the primer. 

It wouldn't stick! It bubbled and separated and looked totally weird. So I wiped it off and tried another paint. No go.

I ended up wiping it down again, and degreasing it once more (allowing the degreaser to sit on it for a couple minutes this time), before the paint would stick. Even so, I needed to stay close so I could brush out the weird separating that would happen in spots as it started to dry. I'm pleased to say that once that first coat dried, I had no more problems with additional coats of paint.

painting a cabinet

I have no idea why I had this problem with the paint separating and refusing to play nice. It's never happened to me before! I did a quick Google search and it said paint would do this if surface was really greasy.

I finished the cabinet and then moved outside to paint the doors. Thankfully I had no issues with the paint sticking to the doors.

painting cabinet doors

prime and paint cabinet doors

Just FYI, I painted two coats of primer and then two coats of creamy white paint on everything. I ran out of spray primer and just used some Rustoleum paint and primer to finish priming the cabinet doors. Once everything dried, I followed up with two coats of sealer.

Hanging this beast of a cabinet back up in the laundry room was quite the job! It took all four of us to hold it, make sure it was level and get it reattached. Thank goodness for teenagers (and a strong hubby!).

painted cabinet

I didn't get the cabinet doors back up yet, I'm still painting the insides.

painted laundry room cabinet

But by next week the plan is to have the doors up with new handles. 

I'll also be sharing a DIY project that will be both functional and disguise all those ugly cords and the necessary stuff that goes on behind a washer and dryer! And the last week is when I'll decorate the space...I'm pretty sure there will be a DIY project (like a sign???) involved!

So I hope you stick around, because it's only going to get better!

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  1. I had a struggle getting things done last week too. Hopefully your allergies will subside soon. It's looking awesome!

  2. Ahh it's the worst when paint doesn't go on as planned. I had that problem recently with a dresser. I had used the brand several times with no problems, super frustrating! Looks awesome though.

    1. Yep, totally took me by surprise! I'm glad I stuck with it does look much better painted!

  3. So frustrating! Glad you found a solution though! Looks Great!

  4. WOW. That cabinet looks amazing, and I can't believe you pulled that off while dealing with allergies and illness. I'm really looking forward to seeing your final reveal. It's looking great so far.

  5. It looks great! That stinks you had trouble with the paint. I hate that! I've been dealing with allergies too and I'm wiped out!

    1. It has been one heck of a week! I hope you get relief from your allergies soon!

  6. eeek sorry it was a pain but it looks great!

  7. Never fun when things don't go as planned, especially when you're not feeling well. Glad you were about to get it figured out. Even without the doors, the cabinet looks great.

  8. That's so weird... Maybe there was residue left from the degreaser that was causing the bubbling? Whatever, it looks great now!

    1. Yes, so weird! I'm just glad I finally got the paint to stick :)

  9. That's so crazy about the paint. I know you're not crazy lol. I'm sure they weren't greasy. The finish looks so, so good though!

    1. Thanks Corinna, I'm not really sure what was going on. I'm pleased with the outcome, even if it was challenging!


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