How to Make a Topiary With Artificial Greenery

Follow this easy tutorial to make a stunning topiary for your home using artificial greenery

DIY topiary

Creating a welcoming home is not about perfection...but it is in the details!

While I don't exactly love doing dishes and dealing with a messy kitchen, I do take pride in cleaning my kitchen counters with a fresh scent and putting something homemade on the island. It may be a freshly baked basket of muffins...or a handmade topiary, which I'm going to show you how to make!

This project is not only budget-friendly, but it will last a long time because it's made with artificial greenery. Shopping sales and using coupons, I was able to make this 25" topiary for around $20!

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The urn that I purchased was too small to hold the topiary form, so I had to give it a little shave with a serrated knife. I sliced off small pieces at a time so that it would still be a tight fit. Ideally, the base should sit a little lower in the urn, but I was planning to cover it with moss anyway, so it was no big deal!

topiary form might need a trim to fit your urn

Next, I pulled the greenery off the garland and cut the ends to separate them into individual stems.

* Note: it was cheaper to buy one garland using a coupon, than individual picks

separate garland into stems

Beginning at the top, I used a sturdy toothpick to create a hole in the Styrofoam ball and then inserted a stem. I continued around the ball, adding new stems about an inch apart.

use a toothpick to poke holes in base

I didn't use any hot glue, as the stems held well in the sturdy Styrofoam. I pushed each stem in as far as it would go...until the first set of leaves was flush against the ball.

push stems into form

It took about an hour to completely cover the ball with greenery. The final step to this do-it-yourself topiary was to hot glue moss around the base to completely cover the Styrofoam form. I like reindeer moss because it's thick and spongy and covers very well.

add moss to base

I am so pleased with how it turned out! This topiary is a whopping 25" tall...definitely dramatic! By placing the stems close together, you can see that none of the base is visible! And yes, I used every single bit of the 6' garland I purchased!

make a stunning topiary

I'm sure this DIY topiary will enjoy playing "musical-rooms" in the future as I love to shop my home to keep my decor feeling new. For now, I am loving the pop of green in my mostly black and white kitchen.

DIY thrifty topiary

Even though it's faux, it adds a freshness than only greenery can do!

I hope you are inspired to make this easy DIY topiary! Would this homemade topiary look beautiful in your home? I'd love to know if you try making it. Please let me know in the comments.
bringing beauty to the ordinary,


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  1. Love your topiary, will make it when I get rest of required supplies. Already have foam ball, moss, stick, and container so will get started soon. We'll be going to town on Wed. which is Goodwill sr. discount day and sr. discount day at Herbergers where will be getting hubs Father's day gift. Try to take care of several errands on one trip.
    Am anxious to make my topiary for coffee table or kitchen island, like to change things around in rooms. Maybe even the buffet in kitchen.
    All the years have subscribed to many blogs have never run across yours, like what I see so far. Going to get some of that lemon verbena cleaning solution, like our house to smell good. Don't think our City Mkt. carries that brand doggone it.
    Have wonderful week

    1. Thank you for your sweet comments, have fun shopping and making your topiary!!

  2. I always think that green topiaries look so classy in home decor. Thanks for the tutorial about how to make one.

  3. Fabulous job. I love this post. Have one, but want two. Thanks to you I can now make a second one.


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