Reclaimed Wood Wall Installation

How to install a peel-and-stick wood wall that will add character and texture to your room!

Timberchic reclaimed wood walls | diy beautify
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Hi friends, I have been waiting all week for today to arrive! I'm so happy you're here, and so excited to share the progress we're making in our sunroom...specifically the amazing peel and stick wood walls that we just installed!

Do we need to start at the very beginning?

Head here to see my design mood board for this space, as well as the before pictures of this messy and cluttered space!

But before any of the fun stuff could happen, I needed to paint.

Down came the curtains, everything got piled into the middle of the room, I grabbed my paint (Bistro White by Valspar), my roller, my brush, my ladder...there was only one little problem...

painting the room

Our 6-foot ladder was too short...even when I stood on that very top step (which they don't recommend (there's a sticker right on it, Mr DIY pointed out to me later), please don't attempt this at home!!!). I was trying to paint the edge but as you can see I stopped. Too much life and death stuff!! In fact, I almost couldn't get down 😟

It was scary y'all and not a smart move by this momma of three who really should know better!

I needed a much taller ladder and reinforcements! Thanks so very much to my sweet friend Carol for giving up a morning to help me finish this painting project...and for bringing your ladder! We finished the painting quickly between the two of us! 😃

prep and paint | diy beautify

It is always a thrill to see a paint color you don't like covered up by one you do!!! I love the creamy white so much better with the red brick fireplace, don't you?

We didn't bother painting the two end walls because they were the ones getting the wood paneling. However, just to be safe, we did paint around the edges on those walls.

A few days later, Mr DIY and I spent the day installing the wood wall. This product is amazing! It's by Timberchic and it's real reclaimed wood that is rescued from a river in Maine! They make their thin, peel-and-stick, prefinished panels from wood that was lost during the log drives over a century ago. The cold waters of northern Maine perfectly preserve the wood! 

I love this story and the history that has been saved through this process! Now I can say that I have historic reclaimed Maine wood on my walls here in southern Texas! How cool is that?

Timberchic has several finishes and widths to choose from but we selected their 4" Coastal White. While not a true white, it's a "whitewash reminiscent of Nantucket or coastal Maine; you can almost smell the salty air." I love that description, don't you? We may be far from Maine, but we are near the coast so it's very appropriate!


It took Mr DIY and I a full day to do these two large end walls in our sunroom and I'm going to share the process with you. If you are just doing an accent wall, it will take you much less time.

The important thing to do at the very beginning is to find out if your wall is level to the floor and ceiling.

We ran a chalk line to see if our wall was "plumb" and to our great joy and relief, it was!

mark a chalk line | diy beautify

Do not just go by the ceiling line or baseboards because most walls are not level, especially in older homes!

Because our walls have a steep angle, we decided to start our wood wall at the bottom and work our way up. (Again, every wall will be slightly different; you'll need to read the instructions on the Timberchic website to figure out the best way to proceed with your wall!)

Mr DIY and I were so excited to do this project together, we almost forgot to take a video! Here's a short clip so you can see how easy the wood panels go up.

It was much easier than I was expecting!

The wood comes in several lengths and shades. We tried to vary the color so it would look uniform on the wall...grays mixed in with lighter whites and browns.

You simply peel the backing off, line up the piece next to the one beside and below it, and press it to the wall. There is a roller included that you use to ensure a good seal. Be aware that once you press, it is impossible to remove!

There are a few other supplies you will need for the best results.


Once we got going, it went fairly quickly. The outlets and light switches slowed us down a little, but after Mr DIY showed me how to use the chop saw, I was able to help out!

cut around outlets | diy beautify

I was nervous about using the chop saw, but after seeing how easy it was, I loved it! Make sure your blade is nice and sharp for perfect cuts every time!

cut wood to length with chop saw | diy beautify

Mr DIY did the tough work (aka the math) of measuring the angle of the ceiling and cutting those pieces with the table saw.

cutting wood to fit angle of ceiling | diy beautify

One thing to note is that you want to vary the lengths of the boards that you use for the most natural look that is pleasing to the eye.

Some of the boards have knots in the wood that goes all the way through the board creating a hole. The fix for that is so simple! Timberchic provides black stickers to place behind the holes to give the look of depth. 

We marked the hole on the wall with a pencil.

mark holes | diy beautify

Then placed a sticker in that spot before adhering the wood panel to the wall. Buh bye peachy beige will not be missed! 😃

put a sticker behind holes | diy beautify

It was a long day of work, but it was not difficult. In fact, it was sort of calming! I'll admit that most of our DIY projects that we take on together result in some tension and maybe even arguments (hangs head in shame).

Not this project! We breezed through it and both really enjoyed seeing the walls come together!

This was definitely our favorite moment though...

peel and stick wood walls | diy beautify

The finish line was in sight!!!

I'll be sharing the full reveal of this room in a few days, so please make sure you're following along!

Pin for later

installing peel and stick wood walls | diy beautify

Do you have plans to install a reclaimed wood wall in your home? Maybe you've never considered it before.

I'll see you right back here on Monday for some more home decorating inspiration!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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