DIY Sign with GPS Coordinates

I'm sharing an easy (dare I say lazy) way to make a DIY farmhouse GPS coordinates sign
gallery wall with GPS coordinates sign

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Hey friends. How about that weather this week?! Here in SW Texas we went from low 20's to 70's, all within the same week! Two "snow" days, even though we didn't get any of the white stuff! It worked in my favor as my daughter and son have both been a huge help with our new pup Millie!

Speaking of Millie...can you even? 💜💜💜

Potty training is going well, but it's 2 steps forward, 1 step back. At least she's cute...because she can be so naughty!!


Okay, on to today's project, how to make a sign for your home with your exact GPS coordinates!

Unique signs are very popular in home decor. And a sign with your coordinates is not only cool, it's unique. It's fun. Think of it kind of as a fingerprint. No one else has the exact same house coordinates as your family!

A coordinates sign is a fun addition to a gallery wall! I'm all about adding personality to a home through the unique. In our house, the letter "L" and the number "5" are repeated because those are unique to our family!

This DIY sign added another layer of personality to the gallery wall in our recently made-over sunroom.



Let me back the bus up for just a minute.

I love signs; in fact, my home is full of them! Last spring I recycled an old sign to make it better fit my style. Unfortunately, something weird happened with the paint on that sign. It turned pink! True story! I'm not sure if it was the sun shining on it through the window or what.

And of course, it's really difficult to tell in this picture but trust me...that white was splotchy pink.

I never throw away boards or old signs! And I plan to remake this saying on another board I have. But for now, the length of this board made me think it would be a perfect fit for a GPS coordinates sign!

I was worried about painting it white again, so I went the opposite and painted it black. Two coats covered the white.

You could buy a board and stain it or recycle an old sign like I did.

Once the black paint dried, the sign board looked quite glossy and "new". I used a coarse piece of sandpaper and rubbed it down quite well to rough it up, distress it and age it. I knew I wouldn't be able to do much to distress the craft vinyl I was planning on using on top so I distressed the board as much as I could before adding the coordinates on top.

*Please note: if I had created a stencil and painted the numbers on, as I did it  this project, I could have easily distressed the edges of the numbers to age them. This is just the lazy girl's way to getting a similar look by using craft vinyl!

I went to this web site and found the latitude and longitude coordinates of my home, as well as the GPS coordinates (which I think look cuter!) Also note: I have slightly smudged the coordinates while editing photos, just to protect our privacy!

Next, I measured the length and width of my board, and opened my Silhouette software. I typed up the coordinates, stretching them to fit within my board. I also added the word "home" in between the two coordinates, and cut out my numbers onto white craft vinyl.

If you don't own a Silhouette or a Cricut, you can still make a coordinates sign! You'll just have to work a little bit backwards. Find some stickers that you like and lay them out so you'll know how big to buy your board.

I really like how the crisp white numbers look on the distressed board! And the black really pops on our wood walls!

The personalized subway sign that I made when we lived in Tennessee is a fun DIY and reflection of all the places we've lived...up to now. You can see that it didn't have any additional space to add our new home location in Texas. The GPS coordinates sign solves that problem, and it was fast and easy to make!

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DIY GPS coordinates sign for a gallery wall
What do you think of this DIY sign idea?

farmhouse gallery wall

gallery wall and black and white buffalo plaid ottoman

wood walls with black and white farmhouse decor

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  1. How did you get the degree symbol on your cricut/silhoutte? I am having trouble finding a degree symbol!



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