How to Make Spindle Candlesticks from an Old Chair

Today I'm sharing how I turned spindles from an old chair into farmhouse chippy candlesticks! This is an easy project even for power tool newbies!
DIY candlesticks from spindles

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Hello there friends! Are you ready for a fun tutorial? Oh good, because I can't wait to share how easy it is to turn an old, beat up chair into a set of chippy spindle candlesticks!!

Today I'm teaming up with the girls from the At Home DIY challenge group and our project theme is 2 HOUR DIY PROJECTS. Now, full disclosure, lots of the participants are amazing builders, and they work with power tools on a daily basis. This project would probably take them about 30 minutes to complete ๐Ÿ˜„ 

However, for the power tool newbie (that's me ✋✋...and it may be you too), this is about a 2 hour project from start to finish.

Mr DIY is power tool savvy and he usually handles any cutting and drilling, etc that I need done. However, as he was out of town while I was working on these DIY candlesticks, I was on my own. Thankfully he was only a phone call away, as I did need some help!


Let's talk candlesticks for just a sec. We all have them, and they usually cost a pretty penny!! Not these adorable farmhouse chippy ones I made! These ones were super duper cheap! I used the spindles from a discarded chair that had a busted seat. The Dremel Saw Max pictured below made it easy to completely dismantle the chair in just a few minutes! It was like cutting through butter! Look at all those beautiful spindles!
old chair

I see chairs like this at the curb all the time! Look for ones with turned legs or a little bit of curve as they make the most pleasing candlesticks. 

I gave these spindles a chippy paint finish (find that tutorial HERE) and decided to turn the larger ones (chair legs) into candlesticks.



Tools Needed

How to Turn Chair Spindles into Candlesticks

Step One - Cut Spindles to Size
Whether you follow my tutorial above to chippy your spindles before creating the candlesticks or not, it doesn't really matter. Mine were already chippified ๐Ÿ˜ here. I found that a couple of my spindles were too tall, so I needed to chop them down. Enter the scary chop saw. I'm kidding, I love this tool! Seriously, if I can do this YOU CAN TOO! Hold it steady, and please use protective eyewear anytime you work with power tools of any kind!!

cut spindles down

cut spindle


Step Two
Mark center of each wood square and round and drill a hole using the countersink bit. This bit creates a larger hole so the screw can sit inside the hole...otherwise, it would make the candlesticks rather wobbly! Do this with all 3 tops and bases.

countersink screw

Step Three
Mark the center and pre-drill a small hole (smaller than your screw) into the spindle ends, top and bottom.

pre-drill holes

pre-drilled holes

Step Four
Screw the bases and tops into the pre-drilled holes.

screw base into end of spindle

screw top onto spindle

I put the tops on upside down, so the beveled edges were on the bottom. I think it looks better this way!

Step Five
Stain edges of unfinished wood tops and bases. We need to try to match the bottoms and tops with the spindles, so choose a stain that closely resembles your chair.

stain edges

Step Six
Once the stain has fully dried, apply wax to edges and paint bases and tops with white chalk paint. The wax is necessary for achieving a chippy finish (refer to THIS TUTORIAL for complete instructions).

Step Seven
Scrape off some of the paint to reveal the dark stain underneath.


That's it! Display your spindle candlesticks wherever you choose!

farmhouse chippy spindle candlesticks

decorate with DIY candlesticks

I know some of you will be keeping your eyes peeled for curbside chairs now! Three gorgeous candlesticks for well under $10?! YES PLEASE!

shabby chic farmhouse decor

shabby farmhouse style decor

I definitely plan to make more of these beauties!

pastels and neutrals in living room

neutral sofa with farmhouse decor

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cheap DIY farmhouse candlesticks

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  1. Love the spindle candlesticks!! Such a fabulous idea to upcycle old spindles!!

  2. What a fun way to create something fresh from a discarded piece of furniture. I love how simple the tutorial is, too. I love me some chippy goodness, that's for sure!

  3. Love them candle sticks and what an easy project. They would make for great gifts as well.
    Thank you

  4. Love this! Thanks mucho :}! Looks amazinggg!

  5. Such a great use for old spindles!

  6. These are stunning! I love everything about them! :)

  7. Those are beautiful and I love that you used spindles from an old chair. Clever idea! I need to remember this idea!!!

  8. I love how you used an old chair to make these! So creative! And go you for doing it all on your own!! :) :)

  9. What a great repurpose idea and a great way to make custom gifts for friends.

    1. Thanks Tonithey would make great gifts for very little money!

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous!! Such a creative way to repurpose old chair legs. Love this.

  11. Oh my goodness! I love these candlesticks. The fact that they are repurposed from chair spindles is genius! This project is next on my list!

    1. Thanks Maureen, that is so sweet of you! They are a fun project!


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