How to Build a Modern Platform Bed for $125!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Platform beds are an inexpensive way to add clean, modern style. I'm sharing how we built a Queen size platform bed for our teenage daughter's bedroom for only $125!

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Hi there my friends! I've been a little MIA as I've been enjoying our fleeting summer! We just got back from a week on the Riviera Maya in Mexico at this all-inclusive resort with my big bro and his was a much-needed break and so wonderfully relaxing that it was a bit difficult to come back home to responsibilities (cooking 😕).

I know I've been promising to share how we built our daughter's platform bed. I'm finally getting to it! Unfortunately, the building part comes with explanations but no sorry! Bad blogger! Mr DIY took this project on pretty much by himself, so I'm going to let him explain how he built this modern bed for only $125!



This is Mr DIY here. Cindy asked me to share the details of how I built Abby's platform bed with you. It was simple to make.

Abby had some very specific ideas about what she wanted her bed to be like. She requested a clean, simple look, no legs, and she wanted a wider headboard to rest her phone on. I found a bed online that she liked, and designed plans specific to her Queen size mattress, as well as the height that she wanted. Here are the plans. Obviously they're not to scale but it will give you an idea of how to build it.

platform bed plans - DIY beautify

I bought regular 2x lumber from Lowes. Fortunately I have a friend with all the tools in his wood shop, so I took the wood to his shop and milled it to get it square and smooth. You can also purchase finished wood (pre-milled), but it is more expensive. I'm providing links below to the products that I used to build Abby's bed.


milled lumber

Abby and I carried the milled wood into her bedroom and built the bed in place. I apologize for the lack of pictures of the process. Hopefully my explanations will suffice! Cindy did take pictures of the finishing process when she and Abby painted the bed. You'll find those below the building instructions.

Building the Platform Bed Frame

I used 2 x 10 lumber for the bed frame box. Abby's mattress is a Queen (which measures 80" x 60"), so I built the box with an inside dimension of 80-1/2" x 60-1/2". This gives a quarter inch cushion all the way around the actual bed for sheets and blankets to be tucked in. I used the 1x2s on the inside corners to screw the frame together. This way no screws are visible on the outside of the bed.


I used 2 x 6 lumber for cross supports...3 - 2 x 6's cut to 60-1/2". This supports the plywood base and reinforces the frame box. Using 2 x 6s also allows the mattress to sit inside the frame, keeping it from sliding around.

I reinforced the supports using 1 x 2s around the edge of the frame box to support the plywood. This stops sagging and the creaking that the bed might otherwise make under the weight.

Use wood or deck screws.


Use sanded plywood for the mattress to rest on. This is much easier than cutting slats to lay across the frame. I liberally screwed the base to the frame. More screws will prevent a creaking bed.


Abby requested a slightly raised headboard with a wider depth so she had somewhere to rest her phone at night. She wanted it to be visible even when the pillows were resting on the bed, so we made it 15" tall.

The headboard was built using 2 x 6's and consists of 2 sides and a top. I used plywood for the face. Abby didn't want shelves, but those would be an easy addition to this project.

I attached the headboard to the bed frame with screws, being liberal so it would brace strongly.

platform bed with headboard

DIY platform bed


Cindy and Abby sanded all edges and surfaces of the bed so it was smooth and the mattress and sheets wouldn't snag. I'll turn over the rest of the post to Cindy now.

Hey friends, I hope you're still with me! If you have any questions at all about this process, please don't hesitate to ask!

After sanding the bed, it was time for paint. Abby wanted a pure white glossy paint that would match her mirror and desk. I chose to use this Satin Enamel as I've had great results using it on my built-ins. It has a topcoat built right in, so it's a one-step process. I didn't bother priming the bed, as I figured I'd just paint an extra coat or two of the paint. I used about 24 oz of paint.


After the first coat, I noticed some gaps and hairline cracks that needed to be disguised.

fill cracks with caulk

Using wood putty and caulk, I filled those in as best as I could. It made a huge difference!

After 2 coats, the wood grain was still showing through. I think we painted 4 light coats on the bed. It dried quickly and went very fast.

painting bed

finished bed

Best of all, it was inexpensive to make and Abby is thrilled with the results! She finally has the modern bed that she's been dreaming of! You can see more of her modern bedroom here.

I hope you found this post helpful! Please feel free to PIN and SHARE this image.

DIY modern platform bed for $125

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