Modern Teen Girl's Bedroom with Platform Bed

Updating a teenage girl's bedroom with modern decor, a DIY platform bed and a new Nectar mattress.
teen girl modern bedroom

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When we moved into our current home, one of my favorite rooms is the kids bedrooms. Why? Because they have angles and nooks, half walls and walk-in closets!!

Quirky rooms are fun!

When I was a teenager, my parents built a custom home on the Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC...that's Canada! My dad knew my love of quirky rooms; anything with angles, nooks, crevices and circular stairs! He was able to incorporate some fun and unusual touches in the building plans for our new home. Each of the kids rooms had a loft, accessed by a built-in ladder. Each loft was different; mine had angled ceilings, carpet, a light switch, even a bookshelf...and it was my favorite space to escape to, high above the rest of the house where my parents dared not venture! πŸ˜ƒ It was also a great place to store my candy stash to keep it safe from my annoying brothers!!

A couple of years ago, our daughter Abby was requesting a modern room makeover. We had a tiny budget at the time, so instead of a new bed, we compromised and I painted her hand-me-down shabby chic Victorian style bed. You can view that makeover by clicking HERE. 

Abby's a couple years older now, and she was wanting to go even more modern with her room.

teen girl modern bedroom

Adding affordable modern style to a teenage girls bedroom

We bought her an IKEA desk/vanity and Mr DIY built a Hollywood mirror. Both items go a long way to adding sleek, minimalist, modern style.

teen girl vanity/desk with DIY Hollywood mirror

Mr DIY even built an on/off switch right into the mirror (see that below). I have actually come up here to use this mirror a time or two!

built in on/off switch on Hollywood mirror

We found some inexpensive lounge furniture at Target and created a little spot to chill in another corner of her room. Abby wants to add more posters and decor to the walls, but she's a little indecisive, so that will happen when it happens!

lips poster

The plush butterfly chair is a cozy spot to sit and dream or listen to music. The faux fur stool doubles as seating at her vanity.

lounging corner in teen girls pedroom

Abby collects plush throws like I collect ironstone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ She could not resist this sloth throw.

butterfly chair and plus stool

There was just one thing missing in this modern teen bedroom, and that was a platform bed. 

Mr DIY and Abby drew up the plans together and estimated it would cost about $200 to make. I put her gray bed on FB Marketplace, and it sold within 10 minutes, giving us the money we needed to build her platform bed and buy some cute new bedding! Click here for the DIY platform bed tutorial that we built for $125!

teen girl platform bed with blue and coral

Abby also got a brand new Nectar mattress, and she says she has never slept better! A box spring is optional, and the lower sleek style bed has my girl all dreamy-eyed! The mattress is so easy to set up. It's shipped to you in a box, with the air squeezed out of it. You unwrap it and watch it fill with air, which was pretty fun! It's a generous 18 inches of memory foam and really rivals the Tempurpedic in our Master's SO COMFY! We recently updated our Master, CLICK HERE to see the gorgeous results, and links to all our DIY projects!

If you're in the market for a new, affordable mattress, CLICK HERE to check out Nectar!

Nectar mattress on DIY platform bed

We found a bright new quilt at HomeGoods (similar to THIS ONE) and Vera Bradley throw, along with the cutest sheets. Bright blue and coral seems to be the theme here.

fiddle leaf fig in teen girls modern bedroom

We will be lowering those picture frames above Abby's bed and she has some ideas for a gallery wall that she wants to create in that spot, incorporating a lot of pictures of her growing up, friends and family.

teen girl bedroom with platform bed, Hollywood mirror and teenage touches

Working with your teen to redo their room

I'll admit that I was a little skeptical about the platform's not really my style at all! I love that my daughter is her own person, with her own tastes and style, but it can be difficult for me to give up control sometimes (especially when I'm footing the bill!). The key to both mom and child being happy with the outcome of a room makeover is definitely good communication! Abby created a Pinterest board that she shared with me, which helped us to define just what exactly she liked about the images she pinned. That gave me a starting place and we were able to shop for items together without arguing! (OK, there may have been a little bit of arguing 😐 but we were able to quickly come to a resolution!)

I think Millie definitely approves of this modern makeover! I know she'll be spending many happy nights up here with her best friend πŸ’™

platform bed with puppy posing

I'll be sharing the platform bed tutorial in a couple of weeks. The supplies for the bed ended up costing only $125, so we actually made money on this little project after all was said and done! That makes momma happy!!

PIN for later!

teenage girl modern bedroom with style

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

Disclosure: I received a new Nectar mattress in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions contained here are completely my own!

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  1. I am glad you will be posting a tutorial for the platform bed. It looks like a bed for my back bedroom. It serves as guest/grandsons room. Great makeover as well!!

  2. The whole room looks wonderful! Crisp, clean, with fun punches of color and interest :}!

  3. This looks beautiful. This room is indeed perfect for modern teen girls. I appreciate you for sharing this bedroom makeover with a platform bed.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Nora, more changes coming to this room soon!

  5. Love this and we are now going thru this transition! May I ask where the rug/carpet is from?


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