Rae Dunn Inspired Buffalo Check Valentines Tea Towel

Add some Rae Dunn style to your Valentine's Day decor with this easy and inexpensive decorative, no-sew tea towel!
Valentines coffee bar

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Good morning! This one is for all my fellow Rae Dunn fans! When I was unable to find any Valentines Dunn, I decided to make my own faux Dunn! I worked on some mugs, conversation hearts, mini rolling pins to style my tiered tray and mug display wall cabinet. But I needed something soft, and this buffalo check Valentine's tea towel is just the ticket!

Today I'll also be announcing the winner of my home decor giveaway!

Buffalo Check Fabric

Like most projects, it all started when I spotted something that inspired me. I was shopping at the Dollar Tree, and couldn't believe it when I saw black and white buffalo check fabric! For $1! Be still my heart! Note: I was unable to find it on Dollar Tree's website to link to, but if you don't find it at your local store, try another one!

The fabric comes in a roll (see supplies pic) that's 20" x 21". That's a nice generous size, and it's 100% cotton, great quality fabric! I decided to use it as a base for a decorative tea towel.

Just before Christmas I took down the floral curtains in my kitchen and replaced them with my black and white buffalo check curtains, so this tea towel would definitely complement the decor!

Here's how I made it.

Supplies Needed

*Note: purchasing a die cut machine is an investment, but totally worth it if you enjoy making your own home decor, t-shirts, etc. Silhouette has an amazing sale through January on a bundle where you get the newest machine plus a bunch of goodies for $275 (normally $459). I'm seriously considering upgrading!


How to Make a Rae Dunn Inspired Valentine's Tea Towel

Please note that the way I made this towel, it's not absorbent...purely decorative! If you want to make one for use, please purchase a kitchen towel (I linked to several in the supplies list).

Prepare drop cloth

Start by tearing drop cloth to the size you'll need. I made my piece a little bigger so that I had some wiggle room! If you Tear drop cloth rather than Cut it, you'll get perfectly straight edges, and the ability to easily fray the edges. Just snip about an inch with your scissors, then tear it the rest of the way.

Cut out letters

I cut out my heat transfer vinyl letters first, using a font from dafont.com called The Skinny. I made my letters about 3" tall. While I had my machine out, I also cut out a heart shape for the stencil. I laid everything out on the drop cloth to make sure it fit. Then I went ahead and ironed on the words using my Cricut Easy Press.

center pieces

Stencil heart

I made sure my heart stencil was pressed firmly to the drop cloth. I squeezed a little pink acrylic paint onto a paper plate, added the fabric medium according to the directions, and mixed them together. Next I loaded my foam brush with paint and pounced it onto the drop cloth, being careful to move from the stencil into the center.

use stencil

The addition of the fabric medium makes the paint a little runny so you may need a second coat.

paint on stencil

Let paint dry. Iron the painted  heart to make it permanent, following directions on the fabric medium.

Attach decor piece to buffalo check fabric

Last, I used some pink buttons in my stash, and sewed one into each corner of the drop cloth, attaching it firmly to the buffalo check fabric. I positioned it in the bottom middle so when the towel is folded, the design is in the center.

add buttons to attach

Using the buttons rather than glue makes this entire design removable, it's the same process I used for my DIY fall pillows. I may actually add this Rae Dunn inspired design to a pillow next year!

Rae Dunn Valentines tea towel

This DIY tea towel is currently hanging on my painted farmhouse coffee hutch. I've paired it with more Rae Dunn and I think it looks so darn cute!

I know some people are over their Rae, but Rae Dunn items just make me smile! And I love that they work so well with my neutral home and black and white decor.

Rae Dunn display

If you want to make the painted buffalo check conversation hearts, I shared a video tutorial on my YouTube channel, you can view it here.

kitchen Valentines decor with buffalo check

It's definitely feeling like Valentine's Day over here!

kitchen coffee bar with Rae Dunn


farmhouse coffee bar with Rae Dunn Valentines display

Giveaway Winner Announcement 🎉🎉🎉

It's time to announce the winner of my giveaway! Congratulations to Amy C, you have won the set of buffalo check plates and the Rae Dunn pillow cover. Be watching for an email from me shortly!

bringing beauty to the ordinary, 


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