How to Make a Dollar Store Fall Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

You won't believe how easy it is to make a beautiful fall wreath for your front door from dollar store supplies! I'm sharing this DIY fall wreath that you can make in 5 simple steps! I'm also sharing the winner of the Positive Vibes Care Package Giveaway!

 fall wreath close up

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Are you ready for a good Fall wreath tutorial? My front door was desperate for one and maybe yours is too!

This year, I'm embracing color for my fall decor! My neutral loving heart was craving some bright pops of yellow and orange, rust and, dare I say it...even brown!

Brown and I go way back...and not in a good way! I distinctly remember coming home from school one day to find my mom had gone shopping for me. I needed a new winter jacket and snow pants (I grew up in Western Canada), and she found me one...on sale.

It was the ugliest snow set I'd ever seen, in three shades of brown!

All my crying and pleading to please let me return it and pick out something cute in pink or red or yellow (you know...girl colors) fell on deaf ears.

I hated that brown snowsuit.

And dang it but if it didn't fit me for two seasons! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

So my opinion of brown hasn't been a very good one.

I think what really turned the tide was when we moved to Texas and I shopped the side of the road one day because someone had trimmed their magnolia tree. I brought those branches home and made a fresh magnolia wreath (you can find the tutorial here). 

And the greatest thing happened when that wreath dried. I was taking it apart so I could save the wreath form (I'm cheap like that), and I realized that while the front sides of the leaves had dulled to a not so pleasant green color, the backs of the leaves were a glorious velvety brown! A rich, warm color that has lasted for 3 years! I still use these dried leaves around my home with the brown side in full view! You can see them in my fall tablescape from last here here and I used them the year before on my fall dining table. I added them to a long wood bowl filled with my thrifty antiqued pumpkins! A few of them are broken now, so I'll be looking for some more magnolia leaves on the side of the road!

But back to this DIY wreath. You can make one too! I bought the majority of my supplies from the dollar store, and the wreath came together in only 5 steps!

You can find a complete supplies list at the end.

How to make a dollar store fall wreath in 5 easy steps

I used part of a grapevine wreath for my base. I'd taken the original wreath apart to make multiple wreaths (you can click here to find out how and why I do this - there's a short video explanation in my DIY spring wreath post).


There wasn't much grapevine left, but I took it outside (it's messy) and wrapped it into a medium circle shape about 14". To hold it together, I used some wired jute and just wrapped it around the wreath like you see here. My wreath base had only about 3 branches of grapevine. It would be better to use a fuller base so you have more grapevine to stick your stems into! But I made it work!

wreath base

If you are starting with a full size, store bought grapevine wreath, you can skip this step and proceed to make your DIY fall wreath in only 4 steps!!! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


I purchased several stems of florals, leaves and berries, small pumpkins and garland at Dollar Tree. I bought 8 items, so $8 spent. I also used 4-6 stems of dollar store leaves that I already had.

dollar store supplies

Separate the stems into individual pieces using a wire snips. This makes it easier to create a uniform look on your fall wreath than trying to stick an entire floral bush onto the wreath!

cut stems


I started with the garlands I bought at the store and wired them onto the wreath base. Then I just started adding my leaves and berries, sunflowers and cattails, poking their stems into the grapevine base and making sure they were secure.

Note: I didn't use any hot glue to add the stems, but you can if you want!

You want to tuck items fairly close together for a nice, full look, working your way around the wreath.

Note: it does help if you know which is the top and bottom. I created a bit of a focal point with the cattails on the bottom right of my wreath, adding two stems that I stuck in opposite directions.


The garlands that I used each had a single pumpkin, in a soft peachy orange. The mini pumpkins I bought were a bit garish looking next to them.

This was an easy fix by simply wiping on some white wax and then painting the stems dark brown. You can see the difference in the images below. The white wax toned down the orange, and painting the stems made the pumpkins look more realistic.

white wax pumpkin

paint stem

before and after

I hot glued the pumpkins to the wreath as well as 5 small pinecones.


At this point, you have a completed wreath! Hang it up and see it anything needs to be added. When you are making a wreath on a flat surface, you have a completely different perspective than when you see it hanging up!

I thought I was done, until I hung the fall wreath up and took a good look.

Total aside - my fiddle leaf fig has grown so tall! It came to us as a Home Depot discard and I've divided it into two separate trees!

fall vignette with antique door and DIY wreath

You may be wondering what on earth I'm talking about right now. My fall wreath looks pretty good, right?

wreath close up

I felt like my wreath was missing some fullness around the edges, so I grabbed two more stems of leaves, cut them apart like in Step 2, and tucked them in around the edges.

fall wreath on front door

See the difference? Now it looks complete!

My front door hasn't had a colorful fall wreath in years! I think it's happy with all the color ๐Ÿ’›

front door with DIY fall wreath

The very best part about this wreath, aside from the fact that even if you need to purchase all the supplies you can make it for around $20, AND aside from the fact that you can easily make it in only 5 steps, is the fact that it's all either plastic or styrofoam!!! In other words, it should hold up outside, even in our fierce Texas heat and humidity!

And even if it doesn't, it's only 5 simple steps to make a new fall wreath next year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Supplies for a DIY fall wreath

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fall wreath on front door


Care Package Giveaway Winner

I was so blessed to read the comments of all who entered the giveaway! You are finding JOY in unexpected places and gratefulness even during this pandemic! I love that, thank you for blessing me!

Congratulations to Holley M, you are the lucky winner!

bringing beauty to the ordinary, 


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  1. Wreath turned out great & looks so pretty on your door.

  2. Girl, you are speaking my language! I love a good dollar store project! This is beautiful!

  3. Turned out so great. You'd never guess it was dollar store makings. The cattails really add sooo much! Way to go.

    1. Thanks so much! I think I bought the last brown cattail in the store ๐Ÿ˜…

  4. Love it! I love a dollar store find! laura

  5. What a wonderful DIY, Cindy! You really created beauty from those dollar tree finds!!

  6. You created a beautiful fall wreath using Dollar Store supplies!


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