Naughty and Nice Christmas Pillow Wraps

Don't buy new pillows, add a removable design to your existing ones! This easy tutorial shares how to make Naughty and Nice Christmas pillows.

nice and naughty red gingham pillows

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Do you decorate your bedroom for the holidays?

Last year was the first time I did it, and we loved our romantic and cozy Christmas bedroom! So much that I'm decorating it again this year!

I'll be sharing the full room tour in a few days, but today I want to show you how to make easy and removable Naughty and Nice pillow wraps for your Christmas bedroom!

nice and naughty removable pillow designs

While I would love to just keep buying pillows, I've got way too many as it is! So I try really hard to purchase just the covers.

I've also made up a genius (if I do say so myself 😉) way to make removable designs that you can use to decorate your existing pillows! This saves a ton of space and still gives me the seasonal look that I love!

You can check out how I made my easy no sew fall pillow designs and the easy Christmas pillow wraps from drop cloth I made a few years ago.

I also made some inexpensive Christmas pillows using cute place mats.

Today's pillow project is a little different from the above, but it's more like the first one.

I already had two red gingham pillows that I used for this Christmas project. 

I cut out two pieces of white batting to use for my designs. I love this stuff! It's cheap and soft and cozy and works for so many crafts. I used pinking shears to get a notched edge, but regular scissors are fine too.

cut fabric

Next I turned my attention to my Silhouette machine. I created the words to size for my project and cut them out using black HTV (heat transfer vinyl). I ironed them onto the batting using my Cricut Easy Press.

If this sounds complicated to you, I promise it's not! In fact, these pillows took me about 30 minutes to complete!

black HTV on batting

The final step was to use some white thread, a needle, and to tack the corners of the designs onto my pillows. I didn't even tie knots, which will make the designs even easier to remove at the end of the season.

Please note: if these pillows will be on a sofa or get daily use, I would definitely stitch them with more care!

tack corners of design to pillow

This is such an easy project and takes just a few minutes to complete!

I'm just sharing a sneak peek of these pillows in our master bedroom. The full tour will be available here on the blog in a few days!

Christmas pillows

Guess who's side the Naughty pillow is on?

If you guessed Mr DIY, you are right! 

I'm married to someone who LOVES practical jokes! He's got a few that he's playing on people right now and they don't even realize it!

In fact, when we first got married, Mr DIY loved playing tricks on me. Whether it was telling me something that was untrue (I am completely gullible), or hiding in a dark corner and scaring me when I walked by, or filling all my Christmas gifts with pistachios so everything I shook sounded the same...he was the guy who, back in our college days, yelled "fire" on a crowded airplane just as it touched down!

When we had our first child, Mr DIY thought it would be funny to write Braden's name in sunscreen on his back to mark him. Of course I didn't let him do that!

Yes, I'm married to that man! Pray for me 😂😏❤ I think he'll forever be the Naughty one!

I hope this brought a smile or a chuckle to you! And I especially hope that you enjoyed this simple and budget-friendly way to decorate your pillows for Christmas!

no sew Christmas pillow designs


bringing beauty to the ordinary, 


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  1. Just to be clear. I never yelled, "Fire" on a plane.

    1. Ah, my bad! But you grabbed the guys' legs (your friends) beside you and they yelled!

  2. You gotta love a guy with a good sense of humor! :o) Your bedroom looks so Christmas-y and beautiful. Love the nightstands!

    1. Yes, I do love him! He's taught me to be on my toes! ;) Thank you so much, have a very merry holiday season!


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